Happy Place

Jacket: JCP {J Crew version}
Clutch: GiGi NY
Wedges: similar

Now that Sadie Ann is home, I typically only leave the house for doctor appointments and occasionally on the weekends. So I'm trying to take advantage of those outings and wear something other than a tee and jeans (and maybe sometimes sweat pants - ok, mostly sweatpants).  So here I am, wearing a complete outfit and sharing it! Go me! 

Since I've already admitted my sweatpants problem, I'll go ahead and admit I was one of those women who went a little cray-cray for the Lilly for Target line. Honestly, I've been a fan of all theTarget collaborations, but most of them have been designers that aren't as well known as Lilly. So when I first heard about the collaboration, I thought two things: 1) Awesome! Affordable Lilly and 2) This is going to be bananas (Gwen Stefani bananas). And it was. I started following all the online hype and quickly realized if I wanted anything, I needed to stay up to order online and be at the store before it opens on Lilly Sunday. So I did and I was. 

It paid off - I was able to get a lot of items I wanted. This romper was high on my list and I love it! Actually, I ordered it online and right before I placed my order, the site crashed. When the site was back up, almost everything was sold out already and I was certain I didn't get it - but I did! A few days later I received an email that my items had shipped - and I was thinking, What items?? The order went through and now it's mine! I can't wait to wear this comfy beauty on long car rides and at the beach. So perfect! Did any of you go cray for Lilly?

Lots of lightly worn and new items on my Shopping blog:


Lisa D. said...

I love it! Your hair looks so pretty, too! I'm glad you found all the L4T stuff you wanted. :)

Linley said...

Thanks, Lisa!! (:

Becky said...

You look amazing!