Glittery Pumpkins

Not too long ago I posted on a Martha Stewart craft that turned boring orange plastic pumpkins into glittery and beautiful decorations for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Early last week I tackled the project and I'm ready to share!

I bought a large white pumpkin and two smaller orange pumpkins. As far as the glitter, when I walked into Michaels there was a basket stand full of $1 goodies. One of the $1 goodies was a pack of four different fine, colored glitter. The colors were gold, purple, dark pink, and pink. I decided to buy seven of these and I essentially got a decent amount of four different colors for seven bucks. Quite the deal. The pay off was great, but it was a pain to open each packet to pull out a color every time I ran out. And the tops to each little container just sat on the top, it wasn't secure. And I spilled a lot. And made a mess.

 But the task is over and I think they look fantastic! I'm not completely satisfied with what I've done with the centerpiece. I think this particular set up would look great on a hallway table or the top of a entertainment center that's under a hanging flat screen, but not the dining table. It's not dramatic enough. So I'm either going to completely move it somewhere else and find something better for the table OR I'm going to try out some candle sticks to give it some height. Whatever happens, I still absolutely love the results!


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