Attention All Crafters!

I caught the second half of the Oprah show today. It was random as I'm not necessarily a daily Oprah watcher. I do try to catch shows where people or subjects of interest are featured. Anyway. Martha Stewart, the goddess of all crafts, decors, and cooking, was on the entire show. She shared tips and demonstrations throughout the hour and it was fabulous.

I especially loved and appreciated the segment on How to Fold a Fitted Sheet. I don't know about you, but I suck at folding a fitted sheet, and more times than not it turns into a ball of disaster that gets shoved somewhere until it's ready to go on a bed. And when it goes on the bed it's horribly wrinkled. If you want to see that tutorial click here (and then just click the tutorial link on the right). It's a super old video, and when she showed it today she folded it a bit differently, but both ways work. I'll keep a look out for a clip from the show today.

Back to the reason for the post. As the show ended the audience received a fabulous package full of crafting goodies from Martha and Michaels. For us viewers, a 50% off coupon for any one Martha Stewart item from Michaels!! If you are interested in using this coupon do so QUICKLY! It's only printable for a 24-hour period which ends tomorrow night and is redeemable between now and October 16th. She has so many fabulous things in her line at Michaels and I'm eye-balling her Punch Around the Page tools which are fabulous for scrapbooking, card making, or any thing else where pretty paper is necessary. 

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