We Didn't Start the Fire

(you'll be happy to know that this weekend, during our grilling-capades, we did not start any fires, it's just an awesomely catchy Billy Joel song)

Anyway, moving on, this weekend - on Saturday - we grilled out for dinner. It was nice out, there were never-ending football games playing, and it just seemed like the right thing to do. Plus, back home in the Johnson house it's typical to grill at least one to two times a week, and here at this Jackson house we had yet to do so, until this weekend - so it was about time. We had a blast! We grilled pork chops and veggie kabobs, and made some mashed potatoes. Chris handled the meat and I handled the veggies and our grilling-capades went a little like this:

Vegetable Kabobs are pretty easy if you've never done them:
- Choose a variety of vegetables
- Dice them up into large pieces (mushrooms and cherry tomatoes do not need dicing)
- Run them through kabobs/skewers
- Season with salt and pepper (I also like to add a garlic based seasoning)
- Place over coals to char the kabobs
- Move to side for veggies to cook

 "Chris, give a thumbs up." I think I snapped the picture too soon? Ooops.

Maeby taking in the smells, watching from the patio, and hoping that we will have leftovers for her

Mashed Potatoes (everyone does these differently, here's how I do it):
- Boil whole potatoes. Boiling them whole generally takes a little bit longer than dicing them up, but when you leave them whole to boil it helps to retain the nutrients you want in the potatoes. The more you cut them, the more of the good  stuff they lose. So if you have time, I suggest boiling them whole.
- Drain the potatoes.
- Give them a rough mash
- Add butter, sour cream, and S&P to taste
- Continue mashing until you're satisfied
*I like to leave the skin on the potatoes and mashes them only as much as I have to - I prefer actual pieces of the potatoes rather than "creamed potatoes."

Pork Chops (this will be a rough instruction, Chris cooked these so I don't know much about this):
- Season pork chops with S&P and any other desired seasoning.
- Let them sit in the refrigerator for a couple hours.
- (Here, I would tell you how to get the grill right, but I don't know. I'll learn and get back to you)
- Place the chops over the coals.
- Cook on first side for 4-6 minutes depending on size and thickness (you can see the sides of the pork chop turning white, then it's about time to flip)
- Once flipped, paint on some bbq sauce of your choosing (I use my dad's homemade because it is the best)
- Once the other side is done, put them on a plate and paint remaining side with bbq sauce.
- Cover chops with foil, then place a towel over the foil to help keep them warm and juicy until you are ready to eat (it's science). 

Enjoy your meal!

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