Tomorrow, Tomorrow

I love you, tomorrow. I can't wait for you to get here. (yeah I changed up the lyrics a bit, deal with it).


- NC State football game. On ESPN. And we may be watching it with another NCSU couple here in AL! Long story short, but I found out there was a guy who works at the same place Chris does, is from the same area I am from, and he went to NC State. Chris met him Monday and he and his wife invited us to watch it with them! Shmeee.

- IASIP (that stands for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia). The new season starts tomorrow. Woop. Woop. This is our favorite show. We have every season and know just about everything about every episode (this random fact could be considered cool or weird - you can decide, but I think it's cool). If you've never watched the show, it's ok - there isn't a "so-called" plot that is so dependent on you seeing every episode before now. No. None of that. The best way to enjoy this show is to become familiar with the characters and then enjoy the stupid stuff they do. And Danny DeVito is in it. And he's been a favorite of mine since Matilda.

- Those are the two reason's for this post; however, I do like Thursdays in general. Especially because the next day is Friday, and then the weekend. And so on.

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