DIY: Chest of Drawers

In an effort to make our room feel modern, collective, and less "college-bachelor-pad-ish" I decided that Chris's old chest of drawers needed a little make-over. This particular set was a bright wooden color and had been missing a knob for quite some time.  Since I had been working on our dining room table all last weekend, I figured I should keep with the flow before losing momentum. And by keeping with the flow I mean staying high on paint fumes. 

This was a fairly inexpensive project since I had already been painting and revamping furniture around this place, and I pretty much already had everything I needed besides a couple extra cans of spray paint and knobs to replace the old ones. 

I've decided not to put a "need" and "direction" section on this post since it's the exact same "needs" and "directions" as the table I posted last week - the only extra thing you need is knobs - unless you just want to paint existing knobs. 

I can't find the exact knobs I picked out to share with you, but I got them from Target and they look similar to theseNow, let me just say, had it been up to me, I would have picked clear, vintage crystal-like knobs, or slate blue colored knobs - both were at Hobby Lobby and were screaming my name, but I share a room with a boy now, so we have to compromise. The knobs I ended up getting were black and looked kind of distressed with bronze underneath. I actually kind of like them, but they aren't vintage crystal. 

I didn't distress this chest of drawers - yet. I still haven't decided if I want to because I kind of really like it solid black. Maybe later. 


Diana said...

this is such a great upgrade - it looks fantastic!! loving your blog

thank you for your sweet comment :) i hope you'll visit me again soon and follow!


Tee said...

Looks wonderful. We bought a black (refinished) dresser from CL. I'm glad we bought one cause we needed a dresser NOW, but it would've been more fun to do. At least its real wood and it can be refinished in the future.