DIY: Dining Room Table

Our dining room table is the table Chris had throughout his college years. It was a two-toned rectangle table with windsor chairs. By the time we moved in together, the table was down to three chairs - and really, only two of the chairs are usable. The third is just too wobbly. Chris liked to release frustration during football games and while doing math problems on his chairs. Oop. At least three made it out alive! Here is the table and the chairs before the Labor Day weekend makeover: 

Giving the old dining table and fresh, new look:


- Liquid sander or sandpaper $8
- Small can of black paint* $7
- 4-6 cans of black spray paint $15
- Paint brush already had
- Polyurethane $5
- Foam brush already had
- Plastic drop cloth already had

Total: $35

* It's your personal preference whether you would like flat, satin, or glossy finish for your table; however, if you are using both a can of paint and spray paint, be sure to coordinate the finish so that chairs and table aren't different finishes. Unless that's what you want. Then go for it!

Directions (table):

- If you are working inside, place the drop cloth under table to protect floor.
- Sand entire table and chairs - if you are using liquid sander, follow directions on label. Mine suggested two coats and it took about 10 minutes for each coat to dry. 
- Once sanding is complete, apply first coat of paint. Allow adequate time to dry (see paint label), then apply second coat. Continue this process as desired. 
- Allow final coat to dry 24 hours.
- Apply first coat of polyurethane to top of table (or entire table - your preference)
- Allow drying time (generally 3-4 hours), then apply second coat.
- Allow final coat to dry 24 hours before being used.  

Directions (chairs):

- Find a workable area outside and place down cardboard or plastic drop cloth - if it's a windy day, you are going to want to go with the cardboard, Trust me. 
- Sand the chairs.
- If using spray paint, apply several light layers of paint. This helps to assure no running - which never looks good.
- Be sure to allow drying between coats. This takes about 3-4 coats and about 1.5 cans per chair.
- Allow final coat to dry 24 hours.
- If desired, apply first layer of polyurethane. I wanted the seats of the chairs to be protected - from possible spills or dropped food. 
- If you do not want this extra protection, feel free to stop here. 
- Allow drying time (3-4 hrs), then apply second coat. 
- Allow final coat to dry 24 hours before being used. 

And here is my final project:

(Please excuse the space. I still need an area rug and some decor on the walls.)

Because we were down to only two dining chairs, I needed to purchase four more to complete the table. I did my research and found some nicely priced Windsor chairs at Walmart by Better Homes and Gardens. The seats of the chairs are wooden, however, I kind of really like it. It gives the table a slight antique look and if I ever decide to distress the table, the chairs add to the look. And I can always bust out the spray paint and paint them black if I want to do that too. 


Tee said...

I'm no longer a lurker and now an active contributor! This was one of my favorite posts. What is liquid sander? It sounds like something I need. Am using our igloo cooler as my nightstand right now. Funny thing is that while it DOES have built in cup holders, it doesn't have a drawer and my cup that I use doesn't fit into the beer-can sized cup holders. I'm gonna try to find a nightstand on CL to refinish. I'll use your steps! I'll try to finish before I see you next. Thanks for the tips!

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