Hair Cut

If you and I had been having a conversation six months ago about hair, I would have let you know that immediately after our honeymoon I planned on chopping inches off my hair and coloring it something new like a darker brown or an auburn red. I was set on doing it. It's what I do. Grow my hair out for two years (cause my hair sucks and grows super slow) then I chop it off somewhere between my ears and shoulders. Like it for a few weeks. Then decide to start the two year growth process again. It's a cycle. A cycle I've clung to for many, many years.

When we got back from our honeymoon we drove down to Alabama. We found a place to live. I drove back to NC. I packed. I drove back down to AL. I moved it. I unpacked. I decorated. I cooked. I cleaned. And I had no time to chop all my hair off. During this time of not remembering I wanted to chop my hair off, I developed a crush on my long hair and we are now in love. For some reason he doesn't knot up in the back like he usually does at this length. for some reason he stay where I want him and does what I tell him. He's kind of the perfect hair and I plan on keeping him around. Until he starts knotting up and acting crazy. Then he'll go.

I did get a hair cut today, though. When she asked what I wanted to do the first words out of my mouth were, "I want to keep my length." I then went on to explain although I love my long hair, it's all the same length and it's blah. It's weighed down, there's limited body, and I need some layers. So away she cut. I kept my eyes closed most of the time since she was someone new to me and I was kind of attached. So when she finally finished and asked me to take a look and play with it to see what I thought, I smiled. I was so happy. She did it perfectly. Exactly what I had imagined and would have done myself, if I could.

My hair needed layers badly. It was flat and lifeless, and only looked good if it was half up or all up. A new haircut is so refreshing. I hadn't had an actual cut in YEARS. (trims, yes. I try to keep the split ends at bay, but a cut, no.)

I took pictures of before I got my hair cut. I meant to take an after, but I am in bed, with all my hair pulled back and off my face, and I have my sleepy face on. So no after picture. Maybe I'll get a picture this weekend. When I snap an after picture, I'll be sure to share.

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