Guest Post

Today I am sharing a guest post with everyone! One of my great friends, Tyra Dee Minton Phillips (hey fraaaand!), from graduate school, has been working on a DIY project of her own. She was telling me about it and I asked her to send me some pictures of and directions for the project so I could share it with all of you! And she did!

She was also married over the summer and was one of the many weddings I attended throughout the summer. So she and her hubby (also referred to by Chris and me as 'Keif an'dem') have been working on turning an old dresser into an entertainment center for their living room. Well they've finished and it looks great!

Tyra's Directions:

1. First, cover the gaping holes, that were originally used as handles, with wood putty. 

 We picked this up at lowes (you can see it in some of the pics). We had a little trouble with the putty. I assumed that we should just fill in the holes, scrape off the extra, and let it dry. Well....we let it dry outside and the putty sunk down some and cracked. I think it is likely due to the NC humidity! So, we put on another layer (literally, just glopped it on) and left it inside to dry. This seemed to work much better, it was much harder and dried a lot faster!!

2. Then sand down the extra putty (which was not too hard!)

3. Paint the drawers and actual dresser. 

We decided to brush paint this so it would have those brush strokes and we did not use primer. It worked great. we used two layers of black paint. 

3. Then we distressed - we just distressed this a bit, around the edges, and a little on the top and sides so the original wood would show through. 

4. Finally, we added handles over the old puttyed holes! Keith did this, and he used his electric drill and drill bit.

I love projects that turn an item or piece of furniture into something completely different. "Double Duty" I like to call it. I love the finished project Keif an'dem came up with and it really looks like something you would purchase as your own entertainment center!

If you have done a project (past or present) I'd love to see it and share it on my blog! Just shoot me an email or message!


Tyra said...

Smheeeeeeeeeee I feel so special for being a on your blog as a guest! Thanks for sharing frannndddd!! See you this weekend!!

Linley said...

Shmeeeeee I'm so excited to have a guest post! AND I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU TWO ON SATURDAY!!!!!

Tee said...

Oh! I love this! Great job TDM.