One Week

Y'all, a week from today I am going to be 26. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Sometimes I think oh, just another year in my 20's; other times I think time moves too fast, I am about to be upper-mid twenties and then most of the time I just try not to think about it cause I'm not sure what to think about it.

Does all this indecisiveness mean I having a mid-twenties crisis? Should I go buy some type of fancy-shamancy sports car? I think so too, so I did. I bought a beautiful NC State red convertible! I took it out on the road and I had my hair and silk scarf flowing in the wind, wearing my big sunglasses. I even threw my arms up and drove with no hands for a short distance. Then Chris shook me and said I just smacked him in the face and I must have been having a nightmare. That was far from a nightmare. And what a party pooper for ruining it.

Whether I welcome 26 with open arms or a cringed face, he is coming. Time to brace myself and get ready!

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