Weekend Wear {On my Face}

Most weekends I catch up with my cleaning, to do list, and errands. I buy groceries, run to Target or Sam's, and try to squeeze in some leisurely shopping. I'm a jeans and a tee kinda gal on the weekends and I wear the makeup to match. So unless I'm going somewhere nice like out to eat or somewhere special with others, my face is easy and without any fuss. 

BB Cream: I find that bb cream is perfect for the weekend (and even some work days when I'm running late). It's not full coverage, but it definitely evens everything out and gives me a bit of color. I first tried a more expensive bb cream; I fell in love (love!) with the product, but not the price. So before I splurged to buy the full size tube, I decided to try a few drug store brands. Maybelline's BB cream was the first I tried and it was all I needed. I love this formula and I haven't felt the need to try any other brands. I know a lot of other brands I love make a bb cream, but I feel like if it ain't broke, don't fix it

Concealer: When the weekend rolls around I'm not trying to be super glamorous, but I'm also not trying to scare anyone. Because the bb cream isn't full coverage, there are still a few spots that need concealing - namely under my eyes. This particular concealer is lightweight, doesn't migrate, and covers well. 

Mascara: Whether I am going all out with my makeup or doing an easy, more natural look, I still want a mascara that's going to stay put and make my eyelash look fabulous. Mally is my go-to for this look. And most all other looks. 

Eyelash Curler: My eyelash tend to stick straight out like they are pointing at someone if I don't curl them before and after I apply mascara. So a curler is a necessity with any and all looks. 

Eye Shadow: My go-to eyeshadow isn't a particular brand or color - it's anything that's neutral with a bit of shimmer. I like the jumbo pencil style shadow because I just color it on, blend it out with a brush, and it's done. It's easy, quick, and looks great. 

Blush: In staying with an easy, non-fussy look, I typically use a pretty neutral blush. Nothing too bright, but something that still gives definition and color. 

And that's it. It takes about five minutes and I'm out the door. 

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