Weekend Cozy

necklaces DIY and F21, UO sunnies

Fall keeps coming in doses around here. We've been getting back and forth weather - some days it's gorgeous and other days it's typical Alabama fall weather, i.e., 80s and 90s. This weekend the high was in the low 70s and when the sun went down it was chilly! So I took full advantage - leggings, sweater, and boots were on! I really wanted to reach for a scarf, but it wasn't that cool. 

In other news - happy birthday to my dad! Happy birthday, dad! Below is a picture of him about to fry a turkey. There's not anything much more delicious than his fried turkey - I'm telling you. He can cook. I can't wait for Thanksgiving this year - fried turkeys, boston butts, and mom's pecan pies... yum!


Terri said...

The sweater is adorable and the turkey looks yummy!

Melody said...

Cute outift! I've always wanted to try fried turkey but I have no idea where to get it from around here.

Liz said...

Such an easy but totally adorable weekend outfit! You look great in (wildcat) blue :)

Anonymous said...

Casual and chic, love the chains add a glam factor to it. Happy bday to your daddy!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

you always look so classy - love the boots! and happy birthday to your dad!

Elaine said...

That bird looks delicious.

Hayley said...

HAHA That photo is incredible! And I am loving this Karen Kane sweater... so cozy!!


Tiffany said...

There's just not much better than a fried turkey at Thanksgiving! One of the perks of living in the deep south. =)

And I'm loving this whole look!! The black and blue with the brown boots. It's perfect!

Anonymous said...

You do look super cozy & cute! Love that bag, too!


Diana said...

aw this outfit is so cozy! love the stripes -- happy bday dad! xo


Jessica Gitler said...

i am so in love with those boots!!