Over the Weekend

As mentioned in my previous post, I headed up to the NC mountains this past weekend to visit and celebrate with my friends! Here are a couple photos from the weekend. 

Our view from the hotel. This view never gets boring. I was incredibly happy to be there - the scenery is gorgeous and the air is so fresh. 

Saturday we ventured up to Barber Orchard for some apples! I walked away with a peck of Galas (I'm going to attempt my first apple pie!), an apple cake, apple cider, apple butter, and hot mexican salsa (the best salsa around - if you like it hot). 

 The reason we all got together this weekend was to celebrate those two ladies in the middle - Nicole and Donna! (Congrats, friends!) The ceremony was outside on a farm and it was a gorgeous day! Above is about half of our grad school class! 

Then the gang got together for another shot. 

The night ended with everyone gathered around the fire just hanging out and listening to the musicians play songs like Wagon Wheel on their guitars and violins. At some point in the night I looked up and the view was amazing. The only light around was the fire and the sky was clear - I saw millions of stars. It was a perfect night. 

On a different note - congrats to Heather! You won the Chipolle earrings!


dani said...

Just lovely. :)

Bekah McDuffie said...

Looks like a great weekend! Glad you had fun!
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Laura said...

Reunions with friends are the best! Hope you had a terrific weekend celebrating your friends!

Charisse said...

Yay for great events!!! (And totally YAY for GAY weddings if that's what you were celebrating!!!)

I love weekend posts where we get to see bloggers out and about and NOT in their work clothes!