Heading to North Carolina

This weekend I am heading up to the mountains of North Carolina. I was considerate of all of you as I refrained from typing that first sentence in all caps. I am beyond excited to a.) be in the beautiful NC mountains - enjoying the scenery and inhaling the air and b.) being re-united with all my friends! We are getting together for what's going to be a gorgeous, outside wedding! 

I'm not going to be seeing all of our friends from grad school (bummer), but most of them! In particular, it's the six of us getting back together! We were all NSSLHA officers for our program - and between classes, meetings, and events it was often the five of us! I love it and I miss it. Here are some pictures of us. Hope you all enjoy your weekend as much as I plan on enjoying mine! 

No, we did not plan to coordinate. We are just awesome. 

Michael was such a champ for dealing with nothing but women. 


Officer photo

Can't wait to see you, fraaannnnddsss! Shmeee!


Gertrude said...

Enjoy your time there!! :) x

Jess said...

Enjoy the mountains of NC! It is so beautiful there as I am sure you already know!

Tyra said...

so ding dang excited to see you! smheeeeeeeee!

Elaine said...

awww, have fun :)

Ashley said...

Have a wonderful time there- yall will have perfect weather!