Sponsor Spotlight: Megan Nielson

I consider Megan Nielson a dear, online friend and amazing designer and seamstress! If you browser her shop you'll see she has talent that it original and well executed. You can purchase items from her current line or browse sample sales and one of a kind items. In addition to sifting through her pieces, you can also peek into her life through her blog! She is incredibly sweet and I adore her! 

Below are a few of my favorite items from her shop! Check out these pieces and then head over to her online shop - I promise you'll find something you love! 

Image of Ragged Ranges dress

Image of Far Horizon shorts

Image of Jewel Sea skirt

Image of Arid top


Jessica said...

Ohhh! These pieces are so pretty! I am *in love* with the cut & colour of the Jewel Sea Skirt!! And how cute are those buttons?!

sohirach said...

that. dress. is. beautiful. seriously, i love it.

love, rach.

Jess said...

I love Megan! She is very sweet plus her clothes are amazing.