Fab Five Friday

It's Friday and that means it's time fore me (and hopefully you!) to share five things that I love. Below are a few things I have been loving for a while and a couple exciting things from this week. Let's go!

Look what just arrived in the mail! Things are about to get insane around here...

We ordered this last week and it came in this week. Our plan is to start it Monday. I'm extremely petrified, but I'm also super excited to get through the program and see the results. Have you tried the program or know anyone that has?

I wake up around 6 each morning - which isn't bad. The bad part is that husband wakes up around 4:45 and I usually have a hard time falling asleep after hearing his alarm. So during that hour that he's up and getting ready I am usually in and out of sleep. Thus, dark, hideous circles are born below my eyes. This stuff (on top of my concealer) does the trick! I use it every day of the week. I'm in love. 


I was first introduced to this wine back during my first year of grad school; however, it's been quite a while since I've had it. It's delicious - perfectly sweet - and by perfectly sweet, I mean not too sweet. I can't do too sweet. It's light and delicious. Stop by Target and get you some!

Sleeping Mask{via}

I've been sleeping with a mast for about seven years now. I'm so in love and so used to wearing them that it's extremely hard for me to fall asleep without one. If I'm without my mask I have to get under the covers or put a pillow over my face. It's addictive. The best part is that in the morning, when you take it off, the sunlight hits you and instantly wakes you. It takes a while to find one that works for you, but don't give up. And the more you wear them, the better they are! 


Today we are heading over to Savannah to spend the weekend with husband's parents and see Julianne before she heads back up to Maine for a new school year. I love traveling to Savannah. It's a gorgeous city and a fun place to spend the weekend. 

Ok, now I want to hear about your current or long-loved favorites! Whatever it is, share it on your blog and link up below! 


Marilyn said...

Thanks for sharing Linley! I must try YSL. Have a safe and wonderful trip to Savannah!

Jo said...

I also have the Insanity series and it is a really tough workout! I only ended up doing one month's worth before my half-marathon training, but I can attest that it's a major butt-kick! Best of luck ;)

Phoebe said...

The Insanity workouts are definitely ass kickers. Make sure to place water and a towel nearby. You'll be dripping sweat and want both! If you have any injuries at all, this might not be the best DVD set for you...I had to quit b/c I have tendonitis. BUT I noticed results within a week!

The Pretty Life Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us link up!!! I am DYING to hear about your results with insanity. I have it too and I seriously thought my heart was going to explode the first week. Now I love it.

Jenn said...

I'm addicted to eye masks too! I recently got my husband hooked on them too.

Anonymous said...

Oh I like your link up! I'll have to prepare for next Friday!
Love the sleeping mask, I can't live without mine.

Anonymous said...

That sleep mask is way too cute...I have the same problem sleeping after my hubby gets up (I'm also a newlywed!), so both a mask and a concealer sound great to me!

<3 Cambria