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This week's Freestyle Friday inquiry is from Rachel. Her request was that I help her with styling a single strand, pearl necklace she received as a Christmas gift from her husband a few years ago. She adores the necklace, but feels a bit too June Cleaver when wearing it with a dress (which can be true) and then feels a bit awkward when wearing it with something more casual (which, again, can be true).

I think the best way to make a single strand, pearl necklace work with what you are wearing has nothing to do with the actually clothes, but more so with the accessories you pair it with. So below are some examples of how to pair a pearl necklace with a variety of other necklaces for different types of looks. I do want to say that many of these necklaces below are extremely pricey, but were picked more for their aesthetics (so you can get the idea) and less for prices. Just so you know.

Pearl Necklace
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Pair a pearl necklace with a pendant necklace.
I think one of the best ways to wear this type of necklace with a more casual outfit is with a pendant necklace. I love both of these above - I think the gold pendant with the single pearl looks great and ties along perfectly with the actual pearl necklace. I also love it paired with the monogram necklace. I would recommend a smaller monogram (the size of a quarter) to keep the look simple and casual. Don't get me wrong, I love a monogram, and the bigger the better, but for this type of look a smaller one would be best. 

Pair a pearl necklace with a multi-strand necklace.
Above I have the pearl necklace paired with several varieties of a multi-strand necklace. Once is made with different sized and shaped chains and the other two with pearls - one longer in length and one shorter. I think any type of multi-stand necklace is great as long as there's not any type of awkward gap between the two necklaces (i.e., they appear as one). I think any of these three pairings would look great for a more dressy and formal look.

The chain definitely gives a more edgy, but still classic look (think Chanel!). I think pairing pearls and chains looks so fabulous and can easily be taken from day to night and from casual to dressy. The longer pearls are somewhat reminiscent of flappers fashion. The different lengths add interest to the look and will be the focus of what you're wearing. The last option is pairing it with a short, multi-strand pearl necklace. Although the look appears a bit regal, I still think this pairing could look great with a more casual, but sophisticated look (see here). 

I hope you like these options! Doing this particular styling definitely helped me too - as I also have a gorgeous pearl necklace (from husband) that I rarely wear. Be sure to email me if you have a piece you can't figure out how to wear of need a look for an upcoming event! I'd love to help and offer my advice!


Shellsea said...

great advise. cant wait to try it out.

Love, Shellsea Blog

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

beautiful options!
have a lovely weekend, friend!

Rachel // Maybe Matilda said...

Thank you so much for the great ideas! I'm excited to go shopping now for another necklace ;-)

Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

Anonymous said...

i do that with one of my pearl necklaces! i wear it with a really casual necklace that i got from heritage 1981 or something like that.

Cathy said...

SO fun!

Jill GG said...

awesome suggestions... I have two pearl necklaces: one white and one black. They were gifts from my husband and my mom and I never wear them - :( Now I have good ideas on how to!

dani said...

I was literally JUST contemplating wearing my single-strand pearls I received as a bridesmaid gift a few years ago. I, too, felt a bit conservative. I'm so glad you've given me some ideas to work them into my (very casual!) wardrobe!

<3 The Daily Dani