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banana republic pants {similar}, target tank, similar scarf, ross ruffle wedges {similar}

The horrible storm that has hit Alabama left gorgeous weather in its wake. Seriously, today might be the most beautiful day I have seen in AL since living here. So I took advantage of the blue skies and mid 60's with a pair of linen pants and a linen scarf. I'm going for easy-breezy. It's days like today I wish I lived somewhere that you could walk everywhere.

After taking these pictures I shimmied into Sephora to play around. I hadn't been in there in a while and my little Sephora now has NARS and is getting MUFE soon! I scoped out the Korres counter and then moved on to the Sephora brand lipsticks. I didn't realize it, but I was looking for a neon pink and I found it. Although I didn't purchase it, I'm definitely in love. I want it, but not sure I have anywhere to wear it?

I just wanted to say a special thank you to all of you who have emailed, tweeted, and texted regarding our safety. We are so blessed to be safe and without damage to our town. You definitely count your blessings when hundreds around you have lost their life or their home and over a million are without power for the next few days. The county we live in was hit hard - a large tornado came through and five were killed in this county alone. Luckily, we are on the opposite side of the county. The majority of what you are seeing on tv is about an hour north of us - in Tuscaloosa.

I don't know how much the national channels are showing, but the local channels have been showing so much coverage in northern AL all day long. I'd be lying if I said I haven't shed some tears - it's impossible not to. Seeing entire neighborhoods demolished and unrecognizable (within minutes), seeing grown men and women sobbing as they speak on their experience yesterday, and to see an entire herd of cows pop up on the golf course really gets to you. Then to hear about lost pets... ugh. I can't handle it.

I'd ask that all of you send prayers to this state - and the entire southern area as AL wasn't the only state hit. And... if you have a couple dollars to spare, it would be awesome for you to call (334) 420- 0212 to donate to the American Red Cross.


Ashley said...

Glad you guys are safe...Raleigh was hit pretty hard two weeks ago and everyone is on edge today in the wake of the storms that passed through your area yesterday.

Reston Style said...

So glad that you are safe! this is a wonderful outfit and I think you should totally rock it with some neon pink lips! Just DO it!!

Kelly said...

Very glad you're safe and haven't been affected. Up in Ontario, Canada, we've had insane winds and actually had a tornado warning for a few minutes yesterday. We never get tornadoes here. Ever. Maybe once in my life? I know this is nothing compared to the damage you're talking about but the weather has been insane this spring...

But I'm loving your linen pants. They look so comfortable and breezy. Perfect for the nice weather :)


Kileen said...

thank goodness you guys are all ok! those storms looked like serious stuff.

the hot pink lipstick looks fabulous on you!

cute & little

Emma Z said...

I was worried for you! Hopefully that is the last of that crazy weather!


kelseychristiansonwilliams said...

those are some fun pants!

Lisa D. said...

I was so busy giving a training at work yesterday that I didn't even hear about the storms down there until today. Unbelievable. What is with all this freak weather? So glad you are safe and well. I love this outfit. =)

Unknown said...

I love those pants!


Laura said...

I am so glad to hear you are safe! These storms are awful and I am sending major prayers to Alabama.

In lighter news, I adore your pants :) And I also wanted to let you know I had passed on the sunshine award t you! Feel free to check it out!

granola2glam.blogspot.com said...

Glad to here you and the fam are safe. I love linen...which means you have to put up with wrinkles, right? You look great!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

gorgeous infinity scarf!!! love the linen pants too. you look so sophisticated :)

Kuleigh said...

This outfit is so adorable! Absolutely the perfect summer look! Glad you're okay and I hope everyone else you know in AL is okay too. It's just horrible seeing all the footage of the devastation in Tuscaloosa. I have friends at Auburn so I was kind of on edge yesterday with all the news reports.

Unknown said...

I love your blog and to show my love I would like to award you with the One Lovely Blog Award! You can check it out here!


xx Grace

Nanina said...

Good to know you are safe and well! :-)

Relatable Style

Kassie said...

Adore those pants!

Anonymous said...

Easy breezy is exactly what I thought when I saw first picture, funny you mentioned it! Love those trousers the fit is great!

Cess O. <3
The Outfit Diaries

Unknown said...

I'm so glad that you all ended up out of the storm's wrath. It just seems to be such an unimaginable thing - I have driven through Tuscaloosa so many times to visit my family in Mississippi.

I love your easy, breezy summer look here - so chic!

small time style

Cara-Mia said...

Definitely keeping all those people in my prayers. It's so sad. Glad you are safe, though. <3

srochellephotography said...

So glad you guys are safe. Seems like it hit the east coast pretty badly. And it's extra scary since tornado's don't usually hit there.
You look adorable and that scarf looks buttery soft.



Fierce Fabulous Fit said...

I've been definitely praying, girl!! I am really glad you're safe though! Ya, the national news has shown a lot. So sad!!

I love your linen pants!! I posted my look with similar ones on Sunday! Take a look if you get a chance!


Anonymous said...

So glad you're safe and sound. Be well!

Looks and Books said...

Love this look. And so glad you're safe and without damage!

Sweet Pea said...

You look cute :) I like the pants

Anonymous said...

love your outfit!

Leah said...

Congrats on the new job!

Loving the linen pants and this great scarf. I hardly wear linen because I always end up looking like a wrinkled mess, BUT you look great! :)

Emma Z said...

I am rockin my neck necklace today!


Bre said...

Though I feel for the other people I am also very happy that you and your family are okay. Living in Germany, getting British news I don't get great coverage (well mostly because of the royal wedding.)
I must also tell you that I LOVE linen pants. They look fab on you as well.

Anonymous said...

Definitely an easy breezy outfit. And you should totally get that lipstick and just make it happen wherever you decide to wear it!

So glad you're safe and doing well. Sending good thoughts and prayers to AL.


Kylee. said...

oooh I love this outfit. i need pants like those. right now.

Sandy Joe said...

It's amazing how elegant a linen pant can be! Great for dressing up and down. Lovely photograph.


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