Friday Favorites

This is a true gold colored eyeshadow. Which may or may not sound intimidating to you - just looking at it was pretty intimidating to me, but I tried it out not too long ago and I love it! I've been using it on my lid and then a darker brown, gold color in my crease (which I talked about here) just about every day. 

If applied with a light hand, this combo works well for daily wear. It's also a great color for transitioning into an evening look, and just perfect for the holidays in general. This is also a versatile color to purchase as shimmering golds are perfect for summer time. If you are more of a MAC guru, I believe Flip and Amber Lights are very similar. The Loreal HIP colors probably have a nice quality gold as well. 

Love, love, love this color!


Anonymous said...

i like it and might have to try it!

p.s. i thought that was a pie at first. ha!

Brooke T said...

This sounds awesome! I'll have to get some!

Anonymous said...

A good gold eye shadow is definitely a necessity. I like brushing it over my lids and putting it in the inner corners.

Sands said...

Yes, gold shadow is totally wearable!!! And subtle silver too, but I love gold more (don't tell silver).


Laurel Ann said...

Half baked is absolutely my favorite shade (and I have pale skin!). I don't own the eyeshadow because I'm cheap. (Very cheap.) There is a Sephora match for it, though, and I own the eyeliner that matches it and it's great for eye brightening!


Emilia B said...

I love urban decay eyeshadows! they are super creamy and last forever!

xoxo emilia

Jan said...

Oooooh, sparkly! I don't know if I'm brave enough to venture into the land of sparkly eyeshadow but I might change my mind after a stiff drink :)

Liz said...

I love Urban Decay shadows, I'll have to try Half Baked! I have Urban Cowgirl which is kind of a light gold and it's been awesome.