30for30: Half Way There!

Today's outfit definitely isn't a favorite. But I guess less than par outfits are to be expected when you are limited to 30 items (which includes shoes), right? It's just a tee and skinny jeans, but sometimes just a tee and skinny jeans can be nice. It's comfortable and easy. And if's perfect for cleaning bathrooms. We are traveling to Savannah for Thanksgiving and I prefer coming home to a clean house, so that's what I'm doing today and tomorrow. Cleaning. Today's duties: bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry. Tomorrow: everything else. Then Wednesday is packing. It takes me just about all day to pack. I hate it. To the core. One of my most despised things ever. I'm hoping that since my wardrobe is limited it may not be as hard - we shall see. And while I'm on the subject of Thanksgiving, I'm taking that day off. I'm not posting, I'm not coming up with a new creation. I'm making it simple. I'm going to wear an ensemble that I've already worn. And I may take that Friday off as well. I've been pushing hard through the weekends, I deserve a day or two off. What are y'all's plans?

Also, I had to wear this wool jacket today. Not to necessarily spice up the outfit (although, it does that quite nicely), but it's warm outside, which means it's cool in the house. And I need something warm on my body. I hate being cold. Since I am cleaning, I prefer something with short sleeves (the end of the long sleeves would get wet).

Tee: Forever21
Wool Jacket: LOFT
Jeans: TJ Maxx
Boots: Steve Madden

If you haven't seen it yet, check out my DIY for organizing tights.


kelseychristiansonwilliams said...

i like the two bow ties :) very cute and feminine.

s said...

This is your cleaning the house outfit?! I think your standards for just being around the house are much higher than mine :)


Linda said...

That's a great little sweater. And I agree, I like to clean the house before going out of town so that it is nice and clean waiting for me when I get home.

The Auspicious Life

Linley said...

Sarah, this is pre-cleaning the house picture. I will take the boots off and just wear socks and pull my hair back. And once I start working, I'm sure the warm jacket will come off as well. Then I'm down to jeans, a tee, and socks.

ClosetConfections said...

very cute! i love the little sweater.


Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

I think this casual little number is just right for completing your tasks around the house! And i love that the cute little sweater kind of dresses up the standard jeans & tee!

I hate packing, too. But I'm sure your hard work will be worth in it when you arrive in Savannah....such a beautiful city!!

Brooke T said...

I love your jackets and boots!

Anonymous said...

I love your style :)
Skinny jeans, Ts and boots are my favorite things to wear and I think you look fab

Unknown said...

I love the sweater and the little bow necklace!

I need to clean and pack today too, you just reminded me. Although I'm taking my laundry to my parent's house when I go this week, haha.

Heidi said...

Well, even if it's one of your less faves, it's still really good. I really like this look a lot. Perfect for cleaning house.

& also, your dogs caboose in that shot is HILARIOUS!

Anonymous said...

Linley--what a simple solution on the tights organization. I may just have to try it.

And I know what you mean about the outfit blahs. It hit me today too.

Jenni King said...

Ah, savannah is so beautiful. I wish I could go back and spend more than a day there!

My cleaning outfit was definitely the shorts and tights ensemble from today.

I definitely relate on the packing thing. I hate packing so badly and for this week I have to packed everything into a carry on... dreading it! The 30 for 30 kind of makes it easier... but still not exactly. I feel like I want to take all 30 items... which doesn't fit.

Erin said...

I love that sweater! I've been searching high and low for a bow necklace, yours is fantastic!

Shannon said...

Your jacket and necklace are so cute and girly! Love it.

Mandy said...

I am a bit of a clean freak too, and I hate coming home to a dirty apartment! I can definitely relate :0)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your ribbon necklace <3 it's such a cute little detail :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute outfit. I love your boots.

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