My Fraannnnd!

Above is a picture of my friend Tyra and me while we were tailgating before the game. I mentioned in my Over the Weekend post that one of my highlights was seeing and spending some time with her and it definitely was! We actually started running once we were in sight of each other and collided with a huge hug. We caught up, waited in many different lines for the porta john, and jumped a fence, twice.

I miss her and all of my close friends from grad school. I feel like I talk about it all the time on here and on my previous blog, but I really do. We are all in need of an ATL or beach meet-up SOON!

If you haven't checked out Tyra's guest post on a DIY Entertainment Center check it out by clicking here!

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Tyra said...

smheeeee! had so much fun and i miss you already frannndd!!