HELP I Have a Dilemma

I've mentioned in at lease one post that I'm planning on doing a series of Bride's Eye View (BEV) posts. These posts are more or less going to be a compilation of tips I feel like sharing from what I learned, DIY and personal touches I added into our day, and things about our wedding in general. Exciting, right? Right!

The dilemma: I cannot decide if I should made an entire new blog for this or if I should just incorporate a few posts a week on this blog. I just cannot do a one week sharing of everything. I have way too much that I want to share and doing it all in one week would become a full time job.

Making a new blog for BEV:

Pros: The posts would not get mixed into my posts here.
         They could be organized better.
         If bride-to-bes stumbled onto my blog they would not have to sift through everything else I write about.

Cons: Any of you who want to read it would have to go to a completely different page.
          I'd have to manage two blogs (not that that's too difficult, it's just nice only dealing with one).
          Once I finish posting all my thoughts, tips, and info on our wedding, the blog will just stop.
So the pros are out-weighing the cons right now, but I still can't decide. What do you all think? (If you read my blog, I am begging you to comment and voice your opinion, please!) I don't know what to do.


Becky said...

See, this is the glory of tags/labels. If someone likes a Bride's Eye View post, all they have to do is click the label underneath it and it will pull up ALL of them!
Also, you can change your layout on blogger to add a bar at the top of your blog so show particular labels/links. So if you want to put links to your Bride's Eye View section, you can put a link up top, a la Girl's Gone Child: http://www.girlsgonechild.net/
She has a bunch of "sections" to her blog... style, music, eating, etc, but they are all on one blog. The links up top simply pull up posts titled with particular tags.
Neat, huh?

Linley said...

Yes! I love tags for this reason. If I decide to do the posts on this site, I will definitely proved a link to all BEV posts and then probably set up a page with links to different categories within BEV.

Thanks for your comment! I hopefully will decide soon! I'm ready to get started with these!

ACB said...

My vote is for one blog for everything, and use the tags to organize the wedding posts. (Unless you plan to keep blogging about weddings after your own wedding stuff is finished. In which case, maybe a separate one would be better?)Can't wait to see your stuff either way!

Linley said...

Thanks, Andrea! I feel like I am starting to lean towards everything in one... I need to decide soon because I am really excited about getting started!

Tee said...

My vote is for all in one!

Kat said...

I vote for all in one too!