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MAC and Disney's Venomous Villains Collection

This collection was released late September/early October and I jumped on it. Most likely because of Cruella de Vil and the Evil Queen and Maleficent - what can I say, I'm a Disney baby? 

 Now I didn't purchase all this collection had to offer, although I would have liked to, I only walked away with four items - and I love all of them. And they were all things I didn't necessarily have already as far as makeup. There are a couple other items I would have liked to gone back and purchase, but I didn't. What I do have and love is as follows:

Her Own Devices Beauty Powder
This color is great for just a light dusting of rose blush. Even with a hard hand, the power goes on lightly. 

My Dark Magic Mineralized Eye Shadow Duo
This eyeshadow is awesome for several reasons: It's a duo and iridescent. And it can be used as a shadow (dry) or liner (wet). And when you wet the product, the colors are so much more intense. Love it!

Vainglourious Eye Shadow
This color is great because you can really pack in on and make it true to the color you see below, or you can apply it softly and blend it out into a really pretty light rose/pink color.

Wicked Ways Lipglass
This stuff is awesome. You can't completely tell, but it is a super vibrant, hyper-pigmented red lipglass. And don't let it fool you just because it's not a lipstick. This stuff is the real-red deal. If you want bright red glossy lips - get this. The great thing is that you can apply a couple dots and smooth them out for a (still intense, but) less intense red lip... or apply a full coat for super red lips. It's great. 


(if you are interested in any of these products check on MAC's online store or even at the counters first, then look at places like ebay. You will pay so much more on ebay, but I'm just not sure if these are still available at the counters since the Holiday Collection Tartan Tale has been released)

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