DIY: Empty Frame Collage

I can't even begin to tell you all how many pictures I have saved on my computer as inspiration for this DIY. One of my most favorite home decor looks is a collage of empty frames. In living rooms, hall ways, dining rooms, bedrooms... anywhere! I love it! And I knew I wanted to have it in my house. And now I do!

5-20 empty picture frames (be sure to get a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs around the edges)
2-4 cans of white spray paint in semi-gloss finish*

Before painting your fames, go ahead and lay them on the floor and play with the arrangement until you get it the way you want. Then snap a photo to reference back to when you begin the hanging process. (My arrangement changed a bit. I broke one and then another one wouldn't take the paint)

Lay out a large piece of cardboard to lay your frames on for painting.

Spray the frames with 2-4 coats of paint or until they are completely and evenly covered.

Once dry, begin hanging your center frame(s) and work your way out. Be sure to refer back to the photo you snapped earlier. Or feel free to hang as you please for a less uniformed look. 


*As always, I like to mention that you can pick any color that you prefer or that may better suit the room you are doing this project for. Same applies with the finish of the paint.


Fran said...

I love it!

Linley said...

thank you (:

Becky said...


JJ said...

Don't like it. J/k :)

ethanjcrenshaw said...

I really like this collage, I was trying something similar. I purchased a lot of frames frame a thrift store, and painted them all white, but then was dissatisfied with all of the arrangements I came up with. Somehow my collage ended up a lot different than I had planned!

Here is my blog if you wanna check it out, I am just starting! Welcome To My Corner!

Girls Gone Bloggin' said...

That is such a great idea. I think I might try it on one of my walls =)