New Appliances!

While some may not share our enthusiasm, here in the Jackson household we are thrilled to welcome a beautiful washer and dryer pair! I imagine had we not been without the luxury of a W/D for well over a month, this would  be more of a stab in the side purchase rather than a jump for joy kind of purchase. But y'all, collecting quarters, loading up laundry into your car, washing and folding it, and loading it all back to your house is just plain obnoxious - and I am so happy those days are behind us!

We took advantage of Labor Day and got a fabulous deal on a pair of Samsung front-loading washer and dryer. As soon as we saw the sale online we jumped in our car and headed to Montgomery.

They were delivered bright and early on Monday morning and I am happy to report they are up and running!

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Liz said...

I was just browsing through your site & found this -- we got a Samsung washer & dryer just after Zeke was born and they are AMAZING. It almost makes me like doing laundry!