DIY: Framed Chalkboard

One of the first projects I wanted to tackle once settling in was making my own framed chalkboard. I came across a reasonably priced framed picture set at one of the local flea/antique malls. It was a set of three - two 15x12 framed pictures and one 33x27 framed picture (which is the one I used.)

This is a fairly easy and inexpensive project, and it can be as unique as you want it to be. Things that were most important to me were: size (I wanted something really large - and I got it.), a decorated frame, and soft color for the frame. 

  1. Old frame, sized to your liking. ~$12
  2. Can of spray paint, color of your choice. $3
  3. Can of chalkboard spray paint. $6
  4. Tools to disassemble and reassemble frame, Already had
  5. OR paper and tape. Already had
Total Cost: $21

  1. Find a frame and pick a color. 
  2. Decide if you are going to disassemble and reassemble your frame for the project or if you are going to tape and cover. (If the frame is difficult to disassemble, it may be easier to tape and cover up the portion you are not painting.)
  3. Cover and tape up the inside of the frame. Move to a ventilated area and spray frame with several light coats - this ensures full coverage and no dripping.
  4. Once frame is painted and dry, remove taping. 
  5. Tape and cover up painted frame and follow painting directions for chalkboard paint. 
  6. Let dry, remove tape and paper, and begin using!

I regretfully only snapped photos of the first half of this project (my B). The second half we actually took the frame apart and that involved pulling out staple, dealing with super sticky framing tape, and the deriving up our own way of putting it back together. 

It is easier to take the frame apart for painting purposes, so you may want to consider this before purchasing a frame. 

Finally, the hanging wire on the frame was running horizontally when it was purchased. For the space it is in, I needed the picture to hang vertically, so I simply had Chris unscrew the wire and screw it back on so that the frame could hang vertically. 


Olya said...

so cool!!! thanks for posting
XOXO, Olya


Jamie LeAnn said...

Like OMG that is sooo crafty! Way to go Lin!

L + A said...

I've seen these for very expensive..this is so creative! I can't wait to try it .


Unknown said...


Did you spray the back of the frame with the blackboard paint?