Weekend Warriors 002: Birthday Beach Trip

Last Wednesday our little family packed up and headed south, down to the Gulf. Allie turned one (ONE!!) on Saturday - so instead of spending money on a big party and lots of unnecessary toys, we made the decision to spend that money on a family trip. It was a wonderful decision, in case you are wondering. I highly encourage parents to forego the party and take the trip. That's just my opinion. 

We found a condo that allowed our little Katie Bug to travel with us and ended up staying in Perdido Key - which is just between Pensacola and Orange Beach. It was perfect! The condo was quiet and the beach was empty - just the way we like it! 

All our days went about the same - wake up, go to the beach, nap, go out to eat dinner, go to bed, and then do it all again tomorrow.  It's always nice to be back home, but I can't lie, I wouldn't have minded staying a few more days. It was so relaxing. 

We ate at Sunset Grill, LuLu's, and The Gulf - all different, but equally delicious and kid friendly. Allison learned she has a new love for hushpuppies and mahi-mahi - she also learned she has a new love for hand fulls of sand. And, of course, cake! 

There's a special trip that Chris, Sadie Ann, and I took to the mountains when I was pregnant with Allison. It's always one of my favorite memories of our little family of three. This trip will most definitely be one of my favorite memories of our little family of four. 

This week I plan to share a post about our little girl turing one, share my letter to her on her first birthday, and (finally) finish up her birth story. 

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