Sadie Ann: One Month {Corrected}

Exactly a month ago today, my girls were due. Although Sadie Ann is a few days away from being five months old #ICantEven, today she is one month corrected. I've been able to do the monthly stickers (see my Instagram for those), but I wanted to document additional information, so I decided to make these chalkboard signs. Preemies always have two ages - their actual age and their corrected (or adjusted) age. 

When Sadie Ann was truly one month old, her board would have said something like "I love Ativan and Morphine." Her milestones would have been staying alive and only having a Grade 2 hemorrhage. She's come so far and is truly a miracle. 

At her corrected one month she is almost seven pounds - which seems so big for her, but I know some babies are born at nine (or more!) pounds. As above, she loves being awake early in the morning - my little early bird. She also loves napping on her belly, being held (mommy loves that too), and nursing. She's also recently started sucking on her fist - mostly when she's hungry. It makes me giggle when she can't quite line up her fist to her mouth and she's almost chasing it back and forth. Silly girl. She loves hanging out in her spaceship (also known as a mamaroo) and being worn by mommy in one of her baby wraps. 

She's starting to be very awake and alert between feedings. She's getting better and better with tracking. Occasionally she will move her eyes towards me when I say her name. And she's makes the sweetest cooing sounds when she's falling asleep. She also has a particular sound she makes when she "wants to talk to me". 

I didn't put it above, but there are some things she really doesn't like. That includes diaper changes - the way she screams during a diaper change is really frightening. You'd think someone was really hurting her. It's a little excessive. She's also not crazy about baths yet. Through some of it she screams and other times I think she's really loving it, but doesn't want to let on that she is. 

This little girl is also getting very strong. As mentioned above, on her board, she's sometimes able to roll herself over from her belly to her back. If she doesn't roll over, she eventually does a 180 on her play mat with all that moving around and pushing. It's pretty impressive. 

She's still wearing preemie clothes, but I think by next month's update, she'll be in newborn clothing. It's bittersweet. For so long I prayed for her to grow, get bigger, and get stronger, so it's really a celebration to see her grow out of clothes that once swallowed her whole. On the other hand, I've only ever known her as a teeny, tiny baby and I already miss my little five pound baby that came home. 

Happy One Month, Sadie Ann! 


Unknown said...

Truly a blessing! I love seeing your updates! She is the tiniest of miracles! I know you are enjoying every moment, the sweet and tender as well as the baths! My mom and I pray for you, Chris, and of course Sadie Ann daily.

South on Broadway said...

This is such a sweet post and I love all the detailed updates. Your daughter is truly a gift and she is just as precious as can be. Thank you as always for sharing your personal story with all of us.

- Jaime