Styled: Snow Day

scarf // gloves // fedora // boots // coat

slippers // mug // snow flake sweater // fair isle sweater // leggings

I don't know what the news is covering in your part of the country, but down here in Alabama, it's all about this winter storm moving through the south. I'm sure many southerners are complaining about the cold at this very moment, but me... I'm ecstatic to see the white stuff fall.

On these cold, wintery days you have two options. You go out and brave the elements or you stay home and snuggle up. Today, as the snow fell, I was lucky enough to be snuggled up and cozy (but boy, I'd love to be wearing that chic ensemble). 

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Lindsey Dixon said...

I love all of these - everything looks so cozy! I especially like that mug.

Halfway Heroine