Hello, 2014


Happy New Year!

You're probably wondering what a 1950's picture of a woman in bed, sick has to do with my first post of the year. A lot, actually. I've spent the first week of 2014 sick. It came on late last week and I finally drug myself to the doctor Saturday night. After explaining some of the symptoms I'd had, the nurse gave me the flu look. Fortunately, the flu test was negative and it was my usual sinus infection. I eagerly volunteered for a steroid shot in my bum - and that plus the Z-Pak has me feeling a lot better. 

Hope your first week into 2014 has been a bit more exciting!

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Valerie said...

Sorry to hear that you were sick, but happy you're feeling much better! I get sinus headaches and infections, but nothing as bad as yours. Yikes!