Merry Christmas

I wanted to pop in (I know, I know - it's been a while) and tell you all Merry Christmas! 

At out church, the pastor is currently doing a series on "How I Met Jesus" - recounting how different people came to meet Jesus. Yesterday the message was focusing on how the Shepherds and Angels met Him. During the message, there was one verse that really captivated the meaning we celebrate this time of year and what Christmas is all about - Luke 2: 8-14. It was printed out in our outline, but he played this clip below instead of reading the verse out loud. 

In the hustle and bustle of buying and wrapping presents, cooking sweets, and traveling house to house to eat meals with all of the family, be sure to take some time and dwell on why we celebrate this time of year. It's not Santa, gifts, or family - it's Jesus. 

Merry Christmas!