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Isn't that gorgeous? A view of one of my favorite cities/area (especially during this time of year), Asheville, NC. 

The leaves here in Alabama are finally turning. I took time to enjoy the gorgeous reds, oranges, and yellows to day as I drove around shopping. Speaking of shopping - we have a Christmas tree! I plan on putting it up tomorrow and decorating it this week so when we return home from Georgia after Thanksgiving we will come back to a Christmas Wonderland of a home! Eeep!

So, the good news is that my computer has run long enough for me to type up a post and post it. The bad news is that this is pretty rare and I'm not sure how many opportunities like this I may be so lucky to have. My computer is dying a slow (and inconvenient) death. I'm not really a fan of having to purchase a new computer - especially around the holidays. Great timing. I'm also really not a fan of having to spend money I didn't plan to spend... Chris and I are currently going through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace course (we graduate tomorrow!) and I'm pretty sure it's against the rules to put anything ever ever ever again on a credit card; however, it's going to have to happen if we have to buy a computer before we can save up cash. Thankfully, I'm pretty sure Dave isn't a follower of my blog. 

Hope you all are enjoying your fall and looking forward to the upcoming holiday season! It's in full swing as Starbucks is already using their red cups!


Hannah, Here! said...

Sorry to hear about your computer. That has to be the most irritating thing. My old computer used to just shut down when it got too hot, and even though I got my new one like 6 months ago, I haven't even started switching everything over. Computers are a pain in the butt.

Glad to see you pop in for a quick post, though! Your blogs is one of my favorites and I look forward to you getting back into the swing of things, whenever that may be.

And congrats on graduating Dave Ramsey! :)


Unknown said...

Aww I'm sorry that happened to you! That IS a gorgeous view!


Tyra said...

so on top of things with your tree going up! I just purchased my christmas cards today! trying to do as much as possible before closing! weeeee!
btw-gonna need to hear about financial peace when I see you THIS WEEKEND!!!!

Unknown said...

What a stunning view! The leaves surely is changing colors and welcoming the winter season with open arms. It's a sight to behold.
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