Leopard Loafers

top: old navy, pants: GAP, loafers: c/o Aldo, purse: Brahmin, necklace: Versona, sunglasses: stolen from Chris (Oakley Frogskins - gotta get my own pair, love these!)

First of all, hello! 

It's been a while - a long while, but here I am! I've been a busy girl and I feel horrible for neglecting my little blog, but sometimes you have to live your life without blogging about it. And let's be honest here - I'm not back in full-force just yet (I'm not ready to make that commitment), but I promise, eventually, I'll be back. Until then, I'll be popping in and out. 

For the record, it's not just a blogging thing - it's a whole Internet thing. The most time I spend on the Internet is on my iphone, during my lunch break at work. Seriously, I've been that busy - I don't even know what's trending this fall as far as fashion. I have heard that burgundy is the new black, but I'm not even sure that's accurate (comments below would be helpful - what are you wearing this fall? do I need to buy some burgundy?). 

Aside from burgundy. I'm pretty sure leopard loafers are a must have as well - at least that's what I'm picking up from Pinterest. Even if they aren't, I'm still all about them! I've been wanting a pair of leopard loafers since the beginning of winter last year and I finally have my pair! I found them at Aldo shoes and I'm thrilled to wear them this fall (and probably into winter as it doesn't really get cold way down here in Alabama). Oh the possibilities! 


la petite fashionista said...

I just bought a pair of leopard loafers and am OH-so-so excited about wearing them this fall!

mysticgypsy128 said...

Yes, burgundy, but also blue! I just bought some grey knee-high boots with a blue zipper on the outside. I already decided they're probably not coming off my feet as soon as it's cool enough to put them on!

Malu Keizer-Swartjes said...

Love it! You look gorgeous :D
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meghan said...

I bought leopard loafers and can't wait to wear them!! They're coming next week from Steve Madden! And I also think Emerald Green. I've heard jewel tones a lot, so I think it's anything that is jewel toned...not sure. I'm no fashionista.

Trish @ The Corner of East & Autumn said...

Adorable!!!! I LOVE colored denim and your leopard is so cute. Leopard goes with so much this fall.

Unknown said...

I love love love cheetah/leopard loafers right now and I have a pair myself! (:


So Work Week Chic said...

I am loving leaopard slip-ons for the fall. Too vute!