Birchbox: March 2012

If you aren't familiar with Birchbox, it's a monthly subscriptions ($10!) and with the subscription you receive 4-5 deluxe-sized beauty, hair, skincare, or lifestyle products. A great way to try out new products without the commitment or wasted money. 

This month I was fairly impressed with the items I received. Two (two!) of the items were full-sized! Below are links to each item and my little blurbs. 

This was a full-sized item! It was something different that any of my lip products as it applies matte! It also tastes deliciously minty and is moisturizing! 

 I haven't tried this out yet, but I've heard great things about this brand and I'm excited to see how it performs! Plus, I love hair oils - makes it so silky and smooth!

 This was full-sized too! And I'm so happy I received the gold flakes! I also really think the rose colored polish is pretty too! 

 This is currently my favorite perfume! I asked for it for Christmas and have been wearing it every day since. It's a fruity floral scent that's perfect for running to lunch or a fancy evening out. I'm so happy to have a little travel size now! (and the bottle is so fun!)

 I've actually received one of these in a previous box, but I never really tried it out. I'm kind of partial to the hair ties I currently use. When I try this one out, I'll let you know what I think. 

EXTRA: I also received a $10 off coupon to Modcloth


Sharmaine Ruth said...

Oh wow that's amazing! You lucky lady!

<3 Sharmaine Ruth

Stacia Momany said...

great stuff Linley!

I signed up today for birch box after reading a few blog posts about it. Im currently on the waiting list. Cant wait to get off that list!

Anne said...

Oooh, fun stuff! I want to try that Essie polish...

dani said...

Dude am I signed up for the wrong birchbox?! Seriously, mine get crappier and crappier each month. :(

I got nothing full-sized, but a moisturizer & face cleanser (I think I've gotten at least one moisturizer or cleanser every month), a tiny (and shockingly neon) nail polish (not essie! haha), and a stinky perfume hahaha.

Oh, and TEABAGS.

Haha pardon my complaining, I'm just totally jealous of you!

Terri said...

I need to look into this Birchbox thing! Thanks for the tip!

SandyPants said...

WOW! That is NOT what I got in my March Birchbox. YOUR box is seriously AWESOME! That Tarte lip surgence is one of my favorite products. I received a hand wash, cool shampoo, neon orange nail polish (perfect for color blocking), oil absorbing sheets and two other things that I am spacing. I have been doing Birchbox for almost a year now and love it.

@Dani- change your personal profile on birchbox. that usually determines what you are getting. switch it now and see if you see a better selection next month.

Makeup Blog said...

I'm new to Birchbox, and I didn't know about the Teen Vogue option, so my box was not that good. :(

I did a review on my first box.

Jess said...

I love the Twistband hair ties. First of all, they look cute if you wear it around your wrist and second, my hair is very thick and typically hair bands leave kinks in my hair. Not these!

Anonymous said...

Love the gold flake Essie...will look gorgeous on your nails. Interested to hear more about that Tarte lip gloss.

<3 Cambria

South on Broadway said...

I have heard about Birchbox a couple of times and then after reading this post I decided I wanted to join. Still on the waiting list but cannot wait to sign up and have all the products roll in. Thanks for sharing and getting me over the hump-dilemma to do it!

So Work Week Chic said...

Great post, let us know how you like the products.


South on Broadway said...

Hi Linley! I wanted to pop you a note and let you know that my subscription to Birchbox came through yesterday and I signed up. Thank you for posting and introducing me... so awesome. I featured you on my post yesterday at www.southonbroadway.blogspot.com and I would love for you to check it out. Thank you again!

Unknown said...

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