Review: Personal Microderm PMD

A couple months back I reached out to PMD about trying their personal microderm device. Pimples and I were besties during my younger years. I never listened to my mom when she said, "Linley, leave your face alone." Additionally, I haven't put on sunscreen every day of my life and I'm not getting any younger. The point: my face is far from perfect. I've dealt with scars and other imperfections on my face for a while. I've yet to find any creams, serums, or other attempts that produce visible results of an improved complexion.

The lovely people over at PMD were so generous to send out a device to me. Below you will see what comes with the device, a brief explanation of how to use it, and my thoughts on the product. 

The PersonalMicroderm System comes with:

A DVD providing step-by-step directions on how to use the PMD. Also view the video here

A motor shaft
Two protective caps (different sizes)
Six discs (different sizes and types)
Power cord (not pictured)

How To Use:

You can visit the site for more in-dept instructions on using the device. You assemble the appropriate disc and cap onto the motor. Once the device is ready, you simply turn it on and move the unit across your face until you've covered it all. The device uses aluminum oxide crystals that wear away the upper layers of your skin; it's basically like a vacuum that sucks up the dull, dead skin and leaves a smooth, fresh  surface!

Below are pictures of before and after I'd completed a treatment. This was from my third treatment, so I had already used the device twice. As you can tell, my skin becomes slightly pink after the treatment. Which, I will say, freaked me out just slightly the first time I used the PMD. 


The first picture above is me after two uses of the PMD device and all makeup and products washed off my face. After just two uses I can already see a slight improvement in my complexion. I wish I had snapped a photo prior to all treatments, because I know we'd see an improved difference.

My Thoughts:

My favorite thing about the device is the way my face feels after the treatment. As far as texture, results are immediate (and incredible). I look forward to feeling my face after using this device. It's amazingly smooth, soft, and refreshed.

PMD does stress that it's not only the device that improves your skin - you have to follow up with a good serum and moisturizer when you're done, as well as each day/night up until the next use. Basically, the device  provides a cleaner and more appropriate surface for your serums and moisturizers to do their best.

For more information read exactly how the microdermabrasion works and what it does. I think this device added into my routine has definitely improved the texture and complexion of my skin. Feeling confident in how you look matters; I believe this device has helped me with that already! I look forward to continuing to use the product on my face and continuing to see results! I love it!

If you're someone who also suffers from acne scars, sun spots, or age spots/wrinkles, I think a PMD device is something you should consider incorporating into your skin care regimen. 


sarah said...

Sounds interesting! Thanks for reviewing it :)

Chelsea said...

Great review! I`ve been wondering about these personal microderm abrasion devices.

Anonymous said...

I need to try this. my skin is a MESS. at 27 shouldnt i be over this shiz.....

Jess said...

I wonder how the PMD compares to professional microdermabrasion? My dermatologist used to send me to get microdermabrasion treatments periodically. It was terrible on my skin. I have very fair, very sensitive skin and made my skin feel like it was on fire.

unknown said...
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