Recent Drugstore Favorites $10 or Less

I love finding products at the drugstores that are worth speaking about; it's like winning the lottery. Well, not really, but it's an awesome feeling to know you've purchased something (usually) for less than $10 that's of great quality. Here are a few recent products I adore, use on a daily basis, and that you can snatch up at your local drugstore! 

I am a stickler for putting on my Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer; however, it is unnecessary when I used these Color Tattoo shadows. They are incredible! There are a variety of colors, it's easy to apply, and it doesn't crease - and, best part, it looks the same at the end of the day as it did in the morning when you applied it! I have Bad to the Bronze, Tough as Taupe, and Pomegranate Punk

I always go back and forth between liquid liner and eyeliner pencils. For the past several months I've been on a pencil kick because of these bad boys. They are comparable to higher-end brands - usually compared to Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On pencils. I love pursuing makeup stores and I have swatched these pencils side by side. There's no difference - they both go on smoothly and I can rub over them until my had is red, and they don't budge. The only difference is that NYX's pencils are significantly less expensive.   

I love this whole line - not just because the colors stay put throughout the day, but all the pallets are gorgeous! I love the Addictive one especially. Three of the colors are matte and the taupe color has only a slight shimmer - which is great in moderation during the day. The pigmentation isn't as great as some higher-end shadows, but the colors are buildable and it's really not an issue for me. As I mentioned earlier, I always wear my eyeshadow primer, so I lay that on before applying these colors, but so far they've always lasted all day. 

I'm in love. It's a lip balm in lipstick packaging and these make my lips incredibly moisturized and soft. some of them have a light sheen of color and others are just to renew that pout! I have more of these than I should admit to, so I'll stay quiet. 

Do you have any recent favorites?


Jenn @ What You Make It said...

These all look great! Those Baby Lips Lip Balms are everywhere lately, it seems like, I definitely want to pick up one...or many...



Lauren {Stylized Existence} said...

Saw the babylips on another blog yesterday - now I am definitely sold after seeing two reviews! Great post!


Kayla Rochelle said...

I am also a drugstore product junkie. What can I say, I love great products at great deals! I've been thinking of trying that chap stick lately, now I definitely have to!

Anonymous said...

Awesome reviews...I've been looking for an eyeliner that really sticks because I'm so prone to accidentally rubbing :P I am definitely going to need to try those pencils out!

I've gotten really addicted to Voluminous Million Lashes Waterproof Mascara lately...it's the best volume/length/definition I've ever seen...plus it's impervious to any kind of wet!

<3 Cambria

Anonymous said...

I am loving the new Revlon colorburst lip butters. No shame, I already have three of them!! My fave is Sugar Plum but I also have Sweet Tart (bright pink) and Sugar Frosting (super light pink). I need to check out the eyeshadow palettes, they look great.

Terri said...

I use tinted lip balms instead of lipstick, but I use the expensive Fresh kind. I wonder if these will be just as good for what I'm sure is a fourth of the cost. I've been wanting to try to cream eyeshadow in bronze. It was sold out at every drug store near my place!

Jessica Gitler said...

I have been hearing and seeing a lot about those baby lip lip balm but every time I want to buy one they are sold out!! now I am really on the hunt for them!!

Suze said...

Thanks for the reviews! I, too, am obsessed with the Baby Lips lip balms! Perfect product for a great price!!

Rachel // Maybe Matilda said...

THANK YOU for this post! I'm really starting to enjoy makeup (for the first time in my whole life) but am not willing to shell out the big bucks for the fancypants makeup . . . but that's mostly what I see reviews on and raves about. I'm sure they're great, but we're on a budget over here, so I love reading what drugstore brands people enjoy! I recently bought some Ulta brand eyeliner and am really liking it!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I'm going to have to check out the NYX pencils. I <3 my UD pencil, but I don't want to spend $20 on an eye pencil.

Did you have any trouble finding the Baby Lips? I can never find them anywhere--they're always out of stock.

Netty said...

I love posts like this because so many times drugstore buys are a big bust! I'm going to check out the eyeliners and the maybelline balm (which I've seen everywhere)!

- The Fashionable ESQ


jackie mae said...

Thanks for sharing!! I don't have a lot of money to spend on makeup so I am always looking for great products that don't cost an arm and a leg.

Hannah said...

I was looking for the Color Tattoo yesterday at Target and couldn't find it! I am on a serious hunt now! Thanks for this post!

Mia M. said...

the NYX eyeliners look amazing!!!



Lyndsy said...

i need to try these Baby Lips Lip Balm. You are the 2nd person to post and love them :)

Jenni King said...

I am in love with those color tattoo shadows. Especially Bold Gold.

I have gone back and forth on getting those Revlon palettes, or rather getting one of those Revlon palettes because i just has so much mac eye shadow that it seems silly to buy something when i already have a similar color from mac that I've had for awhile... i dunno though. I think i'll probably cave eventually.

And i am definitely going to have to check out theo NYX pencils. I have nothing of NYX right now but i keep seeing things I want to try. I am always looking for new eyeliners to check out though... so i will have to get my but to Ulta next time I am visiting my parents.

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