Steep and Cheap: Trimmed Blazer

I was simultaneous browsing J Crew Factory Outlet and Old Navy when I cam across two different blazers that looked {almost - pretty dang close} identical, but one was over $100 more! I couldn't believe it and had to share. 

Factory wool herringbone professor blazer

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Unknown said...

I'm guessing that the quality of the first one is way better...the name of the fabric sounds much nicer than the one by Old Navy...but I do like the look and price of the one from Old Navy much better!!

Terri said...

I may be committing new blogger blasphemy, but I haven't gotten the memo on J Crew being amazing. Their prices are so prohibitive! I can't imagine owning anything from there unless it was on serious, ridiculous markdown! And I do love me some Old Navy.

Anonymous said...

That's why I love ON, they are always so updated! Don't get me wrong J Crew is amazing but as a shopper in budget ON is my love!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

palmandpineblog said...

WOW! Old Navy has really been stepping up their game :) Looks comfy too!

xo, tasha
twenty-something blog
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Chelsea said...

Wow! I have to say I'm more impressed with Old Navy these days...I wouldn't have bothered stepping foot in there a couple of years ago. I meant, you get what you pay for but they are definitely upping their looks to be a little more fashion forward.

Annie said...

So did you end up with one? It's a super cute blazer...tried it on at the J. Crew outlet, LOVED it, but sadly put it back because of the price. Glad ON has a cheaper alternative...thanks for sharing!

The Other Side of Gray

Jess said...

such a cute piece that would definitely become a staple in my wardrobe. p.s. jcrew is so overpriced these days!

jackie mae said...

Wow nice find! I love when you find something cheaper that looks just as great :)

Rebecca said...

Both blazers are cute, but the ON one is definitely more in my price range.

Anonymous said...

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