Fab Five Friday

Boyz II Men concert

Yeah, you read that right. Boyz II Men were one of my favorite groups growing up and when we heard they were coming to Montgomery, it was a no-brainer. The concert was awesome! They played all their classics - my two favorites were I'll Make Love to you and Motown Philly - trust me, when you hear this song actually sung by these guys, it's impossible not to get out of your seat and shake it. Such a blast!

State Fair

Funnel cakes and ferris wheels, need I say more?

Seriously, after a long week there is nothing better than sleeping in on Saturday. 

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Chris and I started watching this show a few years ago and we've recently started back watching season 1. It's pretty hilarious. 

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Short hair

When Chris and I first started dating my hair looked like this. A bit lighter in color, but same length. I recently asked him how he likes my hair and his words were, "I really like how it was when we started dating." It's on my mind, but also petrifying.

Congrats to Bekah! You won the Date Necklace giveaway! E-mail me!


Kileen said...

oh you would look stunning with short hair!! i say you should do take the plunge! :)

cute & little

Everyday Adventures said...

That haircut is super cute!!!

Sharmaine Ruth said...

I love the photos! Haha Boyz II Men haha! :D

<3 Sharmaine Ruth

Anonymous said...

Oooh I bet that haircut would look amazing on you! Good luck if you do it and btw I always love your pictures!


Jess said...

OMG You saw Boyz II Men? I am super jealous. I could jam to Mo Town Philly all day.

jackie mae said...

Awww I am SO with you on the sleeping thing....I seriously look forward to Saturdays when I have nothing planned so I don't have to set an alarm!

Anonymous said...

Seeing BIIM in concert was my childhood dream, how fun! I'd be pretrified for the short hair, but think you'd look fantastic!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Sofia said...

Cut your hair, girl! Do it for your boo. It will grow back if you don't like it. Uber jealous of the Boys II Men concert, btw. I'm pretty sure that my first slow dance ever was to I'll make love to you... in like 7th grade.

Unknown said...

I feel the same way about short hair. I love it but then I think how long it took me to grow it out and how much more I can do with long hair it scares me to death to cut it short again.

Love the post


Terri said...

Yay, Boyz II Men! You have the perfect features for short hair! I say go for it.

Emily {All You Need is Love} said...

we went to the NC state fair this weekend, and i think i have the same exact pic of our funnel cake! haha! glad you had a great time!! xoxo

Amber K. said...

Short hair would be so cute on you! Do it! :)

hannahstiff said...

LOVE flight of the concords!! And definitely adore the hair- GO FOR IT! And then post pics:)

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