Fab Five Friday

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My birthday. 

Yesterday I officially entered my upper twenties. 27 if you have to know. It's weird, but cool - I guess. But mostly weird. I must say, though, I take pride in the fact I am still always asked for my i.d. - and when I ask a waiter to guess my age before looking at my i.d., the number is usually between 19-22. Which is awesome.

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One of my favorite shows on television started off a brand new season this week. I am so excited for Sunday nights now!

bare minerals ready the top shelf  

Just purchased this eyeshadow duo last night. The colors are gorgeous - actually, all of the duos were gorgeous, but I decided this pair suited me best. Can't wait to try it out!

Sweet Meat

My favorite part of waking up in the morning is seeing Maeby get excited that I'm up. It's like us sleeping through the night is the same as if we had went out to eat. She wiggles, smiles, and licks me for a couple minutes - to let me know she's excited I woke - and then, instead of getting back in her bed, she jumps onto ours and curls up in my warm spot. My little meatball. 

Some people say they can't taste any difference between one water bottle or the next- I can. And smartwater is by far my favorite. Now, it doesn't have a taste, but that's why I like it. 

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Unknown said...

Happy birthday! I hope you had an amazing day! I'm turning 27 this April, i hope it doesn't feel any different lol Dexter is awesome, every time i watch it I can't sit still it's so intense!


Liz said...

Hope you had a fantastic bday lady! I'm looking forward to trying the new BE eyeshadows!

Collette Osuna said...

Happy belated Birthday!!! Your fur baby is just tooooo cute!!

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Anonymous said...

happy bday!

Anonymous said...

Well Happy Birthday and I totally hear ya with the puppy thing, my little boy gets so excited in the morning it's like you said I've been gone forever. He's so cute! btw your puppy is so CUTE also!


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

happy birthday almost twin! hope it was amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh happy bday! hope you have had a wonderful one, keep celebrating all weekend long, you deserve it!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!!! I just turned 21 a few weeks ago. Time definitely flys!


Gertrude said...

Happy belated birthday! The eyeshadow colours are so pretty x

Sara-You, Me and Anthropologie said...

Which iPhone app did you use for the Smartwater photo?

Anonymous said...

I should start asking how old waiters think I am. My dog is the same way in the morning. It is like she thinks we rise from the dead or something. haha. Those shades of eye shadow are so pretty. I am loving shimmery shades lately.

<3 Rachel
dress ups and mess ups

Megs said...

Totally agreed on SmartWater. SmartWater is my favorite because it has the least taste. And because my mom believe the electrolytes help me keep migraines at bay. I will try anything for the sake of no migraines.

Vanessa said...

Happy birthday Linley! Oct. 7th was also my birthday...one year behind ya babe!