Fab Five Friday: Foundations

I decided to do a themed Fab Fve today. Back when I started my blog (over a year ago - I can't believe that)  I shared Favorites of mine, which usually involved beauty products. So I think I'll be incorporating some beauty favorites - blushes, eye shadows, lipsticks. 

Below are the five foundations I reach for most often. There aren't certain occasions I wear one foundation or the other - it's just kind of whatever I feel like putting on that day. I go through phases of wearing each for for a couple months. I've found that these five are ones I've purchased more than once. 

I find myself grabbing for the loose, mineral foundation on the weekends. It's fast, easy, and offers the perfect amount of coverage that's not too much, but just enough. I have two colors - one for winter, one for summer. 

I don't typically wear drug store foundation. Not because I don't think the quality is good - I actually think drug store brands have several great products. I just hate that I can't swatch the foundation before buying. There are so many different shades, and I almost always grab the wrong one. I just can't handle not having a near-perfect match for foundation. Luckily, when I decided to try this foundation out, I grabbed the perfect color. I love this stuff, The coverage is great, application is smooth, and it lasts all day.

Of the five mentioned, this is my go-to foundation right now. It's water-based, provides just the right amount of coverage, and isn't heavy or cake-like feeling. I love this stuff. 

This stuff is called One Step because it's supposed to act like your primer, concealer, foundation, and powder all in one. I ended up buy this because of a beauty guru on YouTube that raved about it. I'll admit, I never used it as all found steps - I still applied my primer, concealer, and powder. So I can't speak on its one-step capabilities, but I still think it's a great product. I don't know if it's being discontinued, but it's less than $15 on their site if you want t try it out! 

I came across this foundation several years ago by walking into a Sephora, naked-faced, and just trying out different products. This happened to be the foundation I tried out and I loved it! I've bought this foundation several times since. This was the foundation I wore on my wedding day. It's smooth and applies easily - gives the right amount of coverage and it's packaging is sleek and compact. Love this stuff!

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Anonymous said...

I use Loreal powder foundation and I love it. I have thought about trying Bare Minerals, but it is more expensive and I'm not sure if it's worth it. Any opinion on this?

megan said...

So glad you posted this! I've been looking for a new foundation!

Terri said...

I use Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse, because it's nice and light for spring and summer. I usually use Bare Minerals in the winter. I feel better that I'm not the only one who goes through makeup phases!

Anonymous said...

Great Post, I've been on the lookout for new foundation! I always have so much trouble with that, so thanx again! I'm going to try some of those. : )


Dawniebee12 said...

I post a lot about foundations too! Here is another good drugstore foundation. The color's pretty easy to match: