Feedback Needed!

Hello all! Today's post is a bit different than usual. I'm writing in hopes that you all can provide some feedback, tips, constructive criticism, and whatever else to make Dwelling&Telling better. I've been up and running for a bit over six months now and I'm not the only one looking at this blog, so I want to know what you think.

I'd like to ask you all to tell me {via comment or email} things you like, things you hate dislike, things I should add, things I should change, would you like to see more or less of something - whatever you can think of - let me know!

Specifically, I'd like to know:

a.) Do you like they way I present my pictures (side by side)? Would you rather see larger, individual pictures instead? Or do you have a different way you would recommend?

b.) Do you like seeing four pictures? Is this a good number or would you be interested in seeing more or less?

c.) Do you find the recipes and DIYs I post to be interesting? Would you like to see more? Less?

d.) Is my layout/design easy to navigate? Should I add or take away anything?

e.) Should I start posting on my "favorites" again? (these are usually beauty products that I love)

I'm a people pleaser! I cherish all of you guys and the support you've given me these first six months! So knowing what you think and doing what I can to make this better for you all is what I want to do. I'm still going to stay true to myself and this blog, but everything has room for improvement!


Liz said...

I like a mix of pictures sizes - but I've generally liked the way you present your outfit pictures.

And I'd say just vary how many pictures you post based on how your shots turned out. I'd be happy with 2-6 shots... :)

I like your DIYs though I don't usually comment because I'm kinda lazy about actually doing DIYs.

Your layout is awesome, no need to change!

And I love your favorites... I'm still meaning to try the mac eyeliner you recommended.

Amanda @ Life in bloom said...

I love your blog, I wouldn't change anything major. My favorite things you do are how-tos, and the video you did last week about tying belts and scarfs. That was super helpful! The only thing I would like to see more of is how you come up with outfits.....like why you put things together :) Keep it up!

Rebecca said...

I *love* your blog. The outfit posts are great. I think the pictures are just fine the way they are but variety is nice, too. If you feel bored with it, maybe it would help to mix it up a bit so you can keep your groove on.

I would love to hear more of your Favorites. I love hearing product recommendations from other bloggers. I greatly dislike spending money on a product to find out that it is a flop. Through other bloggers, I have found some great new products to add to my beauty regimen and I love that I can gain from others!

Have a great day, Linley!

Oh...and a quick P.S....I'm a huge fan of the deep South. My Mom was raised in Mobile and I miss going down there to visit my grandparents. I need some Southern lovin' every once in a while. :)

jenn~the stylish housewife said...

a. i also do side by side but i think i like larger individual pics better. i am interested to see what people say on this one!

b. i think 4 is good but am always happy to see more.

c. i love diy...but i am not good in the kitchen so i usually ignore recipes.

d. layout is really easy and clean. i like it. wouldn't change a thing.

e. i LOVE favorites. i am a product junkie and love being introduced to new products!

phew...ok, that deserves at least one comment on my blog =) kidding. sorta. lol

p.s. what app do you use for the polaroid pic...i would love to try it out!

the stylish housewife

s said...

I prefer pics to be larger so the take up the same width as the text, but that's totally a personal preference. The recipes/DIYs are great because I love getting to know more about a blogger than just their outfits!!

Whatever you do, remember that you're the brains and beauty behind this operation! You don't have to take anyone's opinion (including mine!!) if you don't want to!


Kileen said...

your outfits are so inspirational! i do wish sometimes your pictures were bigger as i have a hard time seeing shirt details sometimes (but i have bad eyes anyways! lol).

and your DIY and tutorial posts are the best. i learn so much from watching your videos. and favorites posts are always one of my faves too as i learn about new products that might work for me.

i do love love LOVE your blog, so no big changes for me!

cute and little

Anonymous said...

More DIY's please! I love all of your ideas, I think they are fantastic and totally doable. I'm a huge fan of your blog, I think it's great. LOVE all of the photos, leave as is!

Laura said...

I adore your blog!! Your photos are always gorgeous and in fun locations and I think the size/quantity is perfect. Not overloaded but enough to give us a variety to look at. I would love to see more recipes as I always prefer using blog recipes than cookbooks, because it feels more personal.

Emily Rose said...

1)I like the layout of the blog. Clean and easy to navigate.
2) I like the 4 pictures. I think they are a good size and I like how you edit it.
3) I LOVE the DIY section. More please!
4) As mentioned above, I think it's easy to navigate!
5) FAvorites are always fun. I say post more!

CT said...

i love love love your blog. I think the pictures are perfect size and i like the side by sides. I would love to see what beauty products you enjoy and i'd also be interested in how/what you do to get your gorgeous hair.

Thanks for bring a ray of sunshine into my life every day!

keep it up!

Gertrude said...

a.) I love side by side pictures.. I think they work great as the length of the post is not too long with individual pictures.

b.) This totally depends on how much you are willing to share I think, but adding two more would be lovely as well!

c.) Yes! I would love to see recipes and DIYs. I enjoying reading what others cook or create.

d.) Yes the navigation is very easy. Though in my opinion, the pages (About etc.) are better if they are below the header, or if you prefer them on the side, have a larger font size.

e.) Yes totally, I think beauty goes with fashion.

These are of course my opinion, hope the answers helped in any way :) x

LeTishia J. said...

I love the blog as is. I enjoy the tutorials, and would like to see more. I would enjoy seeing your faves as well.

JennaStevie said...

I wouldn't change up much, I love the way you present your photos, 4-6 is great. I think your DIY are interesting, however i don't have much time for cooking if they're those kind. I like the idea of the favorite products, its always cool to see what others use!

Anonymous said...

I haven't had anything with your blog that has stood out as anything that needs changing. I usually read in Google Reader and click over if I want to comment.
I would only say (and I need to do this, too) that I would love if you added Disqus so you could have more of a chance to respond in the comments. But like I said, I need to do it too!

My fave things are of course your outfits and the hair tutorials. Keep up the great work, Linley!

elizabethashleyphoto said...

a) Like it the way you have it
b) 4 is a good number
c) Yes they are interesting and you do a good amount. Maybe more recipes?
d) layout/design are good and clean and easy on the eyes
e) would LOVE to see more beauty product reviews!

So you're basically doing a great job in my book! Love your blog!

Learning said...

a.) Do you like they way I present my pictures (side by side)? Yes, I do like the four pictures. It might be nice to have two that were close up of details of the outfit though.

c.) Do you find the recipes and DIYs I post to be interesting? I love these. I would love to see more recipes and DIYs. Specifically organization is difficult for me...and especially organization of jewelry.

d.) Is my layout/design easy to navigate? I think your layout is good. You could take away some of the items on the side to clean it up. You could put the following, blog lovin stuff on another page if possible. I think that your tag is not the most flattering picture...you have so many lovely pictures!

e.) Should I start posting on my "favorites" again? (these are usually beauty products that I love). It is interesting to see new options for makeup. I just have so much of it that I don't really need to see new or different options. It could be good though. The urban decay shadow you put up is lovely!

- Angela


. said...

I like the way you post your photos b/c it's unique, and that's what I value most in blogs is something that I don't see everywhere else. So I think you can have a lot of freedom to change that but I'm glad it's not ten different giant street-style photos like every other style blog out there.

And the only other thing I have a real opinion on is that I LOVE your hair/beauty tips/tutorials/favorites. I like getting beauty tips from real people more so than mags, and you always look SPOT ON so I eat that stuff up :)

But mostly keep doing whatever you're doing Linley - it's working!!

Andie said...

I like everything just as it is! I don't comment much, but I do read and enjoy it! you're in my google reader. :)

Virginie Bardot said...

I think you've been doing really great with your blog Linley, I enjoy reading it a lot. I think your pictures are perfect the way they are, I love seing all your looks. I particularly enjoy your hair video tutorials, you have fab hair and as a long hair girl myself I am so clueless when it comes to hairdressing. D.I.Ys are cool too, you wouldn't believe how many times I looked at my stockings drawer thinking "I need to make that Linley D.I.Y stocking organizer".


GoodFrameofMind said...

I'm a new reader, so I'm not too familiar with your past posts, but I'd say from what I've seen I love! You have great style, and I think you present it in a great way. It's subtle and to the point. (sorry, I'm not too much help with your questions, just wanted to show some newbie love!)

Anonymous said...

a.) I do like the photos side by side ... it allows to see several angles and details in one shot, which is nice.

b.) Four is a good number for me. Many bloggers who have more than this, I skip over.

c.) I find recipes and DIY interesting. I'm relatively new reader but I can say that I like when bloggers show other parts of their lives and interests by mixing it up.

d.) I read you in my Google Reader, so I don't even really follow your blog on the site.

e.) Sure!

Amber said...

Love your multiple photos for outfits, they could be larger sometimes... so maybe not always side by side?

And more DIY posts, you're very creative! I love your blog for the perfect mix of fashion and lifestyle/home.

Heather said...

I haven't been following your blog very long, but I love what I've seen so far! I think it's great that you are trying to improve on what you've got going. Keep up the good work!

Fran said...


I'd like to hear more about your fab mother-in-law.

I love your blog!


Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

I'm a more recent reader, but I really like the 4 shots all squared together. Love your outfits and hair!!! I've yet to see many recipes and such, but I tuned in to see the fashion side of things so that's been fun. I always like commentary about why fashion bloggers buy something or choose their outfit that day as well.

Kristin said...

I subscribe to you via google reader. One thing that frustrates me about some bloggers is their limiting of the amount of their post that can be viewed in an rss feed. I usually delete them from my reader if it's not easy to access. The one thing that brings me to people's blogs is the comment section - it's the only thing I can't do in a reader. If you want more page-view traffic, create posts that engage us ... um, like this one! Ha!

So my input for you is that I appreciate being able to read your blog in an rss feed and allowing your pictures to be seen in the feed as well. It's the pictures that grab my attention. I usually scroll through the many, many blog posts on my reader and search for something that piques my interest.

With that said, your images usually pique my interest. Honestly, my first thought was to come here and tell you to change up your photo location more often, but then I realized - wait a second! I notice your pictures because it's familiar. So I think you're doing a good job catching my attention with your current photo process. I would appreciate at least one up close shot, because sometimes, I'll see a belt and think "Oh, love the red belt" and scroll down to you saying "brown belt " and I'll be like "huh? that looks red from here." Also, tell me where you found your belt, sunglasses, necklace, headband, etc, because I like your *whole* look most times, not just your main pieces. To you it might seem like a no-brainer, but to me it's a detail that makes you look more awesome than I do and I'm here to dress at least as awesome as you do.

Recipes - you must not have posted a recipe since I found you because I didn't even know you posted those. However, I read your blog because of the fashion photos/advice.

What is the "Oops we can't seem to find that. Hey look, a puppy!" and puppy icon? Is something broken? Directly beneath it is a great plug-in for Shop-Style, which is awesome. That's an ad I would actually click. What is Maeby The Boxer? It's not a link, so I can't figure out why that's there. Like I said before, I'm a feed reader, so this is the first time I've noticed and it's only because you asked to have your site scoped out.

And finally, I've always wanted to come here and tell you that you look like Sarah Jessica Parker. She's your doppelganger.

Keep up the great blogging! It'll be interesting to see what you change. You'll be getting more page views from me just to check on the change.

Nenny Do :) said...

i love your recipes! i tried your white bean chicken chili recipe and was hooked! :)

Morgan said...

You do a great job! I'd like to see more recipes and DIY's!

Kait H. said...

I love your blog! i love that your outfits have variety and that you have different hairstyles as well that add alot to the outfit. You are always giving me good ideas of how to decorate in cute ways. I'm moving to nashville soon, and cant wait to decorate my first very own apartment so I love seeing your new fresh ideas and tips! I find everything to be perfect so far, and have had no trouble navigating. I agree with some others taht commented earlier on showing how you get inspiration for outfits, and show how you put things together! i would LOVE that!

Ashley said...

I would like to see bigger pictures just to see more detail in your adorable outfits. I love your DIY and recipe posts and would be interested in more of your "favorites". Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

a)I really like your pictures! It would be nice to get a close up picture of any outfit/shoe details or maybe slightly larger images. But honestly, it's no big deal!

b) I think 4-6 is a good amount of pictures.

c) Only super easy recipes work for me (because I'm cooking challenged!)

D)The layout looks good to me from what I can think of.

e) YES!!! Love my "favorites" and any tutorials are always welcomed!

Overall, you're site is practically perfect, it's definitely one of my favorites and I look forward to your posts everyday! Keep up the great work! :D

Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

Unknown said...

I think four pictures is a great number, though I would like to see one or two closer shots to see the fabric/pattern/hair-do/whatever unique detail there is to your outfit that day.

And I'd love to see more DIYs and your favorites!

All in all, definitely keep the tone and overall feel on the blog. It's a really nice read.

Emily said...

Hi Linley!

As I've said before, I love your blog! Could you add a "daily threads" link on the right sidebar? There's one for DIY and Favorites and stuff, but not one for outfits. Sometime I like to be able to just click through your outfits to get inspiration and that's hard to do!

Also, I love the other stuff you post! I tried your chicken and gravy recipe and it was awesome! I like that you are not a 2 dimensional blogger and the other posts give it some depth.

Finally, I grew up in Missouri (I live in Texas now) and we ate at Lamberts all the time! I hated it when I was a kid because my dad would always catch a roll and hand it to me (i'm athletically challenged) and they would say "Sorry, Sir but she has to catch her own roll!" Sheesh haha

Sorry this was so long. Love your blog!

Michelle said...

YES to the last one! I totally love seeing the products people use :)

Collette Osuna said...

I love your blog just the way it is...the pics are always great....and I would be interested in seeing your favs....only because Im nosey that way, lol

Anonymous said...

I've loved your DIY and recipe posts and think the more the better with those. Same goes for the favorite products. The practical aspect of both requests has to do with getting advice, seeing someone try out a product I might want, etc. The impractical aspect is the voyeuristic thrill that comes out of seeing what goes on behind the scenes: how you get your makeup so lovely, what you spend your spare time doing, what kind of dinner are you making tonight. And I am all about that!

Bethany said...

I like the way your pictures are presented.

What about more close-up, detail shots of interesting accessories, shoes or outfit features?

I like the DIYs, but I am a terrible cook and very much dislike being in the kitchen!!@ lol, unless I'm eating. :)

Layout is great. Simple = good.

I always like when people mention beauty products they use..

Bethany said...

Oh! One more comment! I'm seriously probably the ONLY person who feels this way but I can't stand that editing style where you can't see the true colors of the outfits, where it's all washed out/faded looking with a yellowish tint. I really like seeing a clear picture of the clothes! :) I think you only did this once or something, and I know a lot of people really like it. I'll still read either way! :)

jehnuinedesigns said...

Hey! I love your blog.. more of your favorites would be awesome. My hair has a whole new personality now that I watched your video, it is amazing. I cannot imagine my hair without blow drying it upside down! Also your belt video... eye opener! Def do more videos!

testing said...

Hi Linley,

I absolutely love the way you present your outfit pictures, side-by-side. It is very different from other fashion blogs, yet classy and easy for our (audience) eyes.

And I like your clean layout. A suggestion from me would be perhaps a new blog header with more colors for a spring-happy-fresh feel?

Keep up your good work. =]

Sandy a la Mode said...

hey girl!! i think your blog is great!! i LOVE the layout with the 4 pics and all your different poses!! :)

Mrs. Kat said...

a.) I like the picture layout. They are a good size.

b.) I think four pictures are a good amount. Anything more than that kinda gets repatative.

c.) I like the recipes and DIYs!

d.) I read you blog in google reader so not sure about the layout, but I'm sure it rocks!

Jasmine said...

ahhh i am still new here ! :(

Meghan said...

I would love to see more of your favorite beauty finds. Otherwise, I always look forward to your daily posts! :)

Jennifer said...

I adore your site. I read it through Google Reader so layout is not an issue to me. I think the 4 pictures is perfection, it's cute, shows different aspects of you/your outfit, and doesn't overwhelm me.


Susanna N. said...

a) Yes, I prefer the side-by-side to having to scroll down an entire screen of pictures!
b) I think 4 is a great number. You usually get all of the important angles of an outfit in 4 shots.
c) Definitely like the recipes and DIY's. I think the same number of posts is good.
d) Layout is great.
e) Yes, would love to see more of your favorites. Would also love to see more hair and beauty posts.
Love your site!!

Reston Style said...

Linley - I have to say that I like your layout and everything! I actually LOVE the way you edit your pictures (with the light at the top - please share that secret!). The one thing I would mention is changing your LinkWithin from 3 to 5. It just looks more complete on the page.
Hope that helps! Also, I LOVE the DIY :)

Amber K. said...

(a) I like the side by sides a lot, and (b) I think 3-6 is a good number. (c) I like the amount of recipes & DIYs; I'd like to see more. (d) The layout's good. (e) I LOVE THE FAVORITES!!!


Anonymous said...

I actually like how your format your pictures now in the outfit posts. I LOVE when you do that DIY posts. They're always very good and easy to do, especially on a budget. And your tutorials are helpful too (hair, beauty, etc.)

SewTypical said...

a.) Do you like they way I present my pictures (side by side)? Would you rather see larger, individual pictures instead? Or do you have a different way you would recommend?
***PERFECT right now - some bloggers post picture too big - I have to scroll up and down to see the picture & can't see the Whole picture at once.

b.) Do you like seeing four pictures? Is this a good number or would you be interested in seeing more or less?
***YES - like seeing the different angles, etc.

c.) Do you find the recipes and DIYs I post to be interesting?
***NO but that's just me :-)
I look here for clothes ideas.
I look at other sites for recipes, since I'm moving towards a Vegan lifestyle.

d.) Is my layout/design easy to navigate? Should I add or take away anything?
***Looks Good to me

Love your blog!

Unknown said...

ok i'm late to this, but oh well:

a.) i like your four, but every once in a while (on a detailed outfit, esp) i'd love to see something larger

c.) i like the DIYs, but i soooo cannot cook, so i just scroll past the recipes. obviously not a big deal, though. i'm sure they're great!

d.) ..i just read it on my google reader, so i don't have much to add.

e.)PLEASE ADD BACK YOUR BEAUTY FAVORITES! that's how i found your blog, bc someone linked to it. i'm super interested in products, but i don't know ANYthing. (this is the main reason i wanted to leave a comment) :)

Cara-Mia said...

I love your blog! I like the side-by-side photos. Also like seeing your DIYs & recipes. The only thing I would add is maybe more daily life photos besides outfit shots? :)