Hello 2011

Chris and I brought in the new year in Savannah with all of his family. His brother and wife were in from Kentucky and his sister came in from Maine. Today, to celebrate the new year, his grandparents, uncle and aunt, and cousins came up to celebrate not only the new year, but also GaGa's birthday! Here's the birthday girl and one of her cakes (she had three! can I have three this year?). 

While we were all together, we decided some family photos were in order. Here are the silly out-takes. Enjoy them.

And here is a good one.

Happy New Year! 
I have a resolutions post and a NYE outfit post coming up!


kimmie said...

Those outtakes are hilarious! and that cake looks delicious. :)

Happy new year, Linley!!

Brooke T said...

aw funny outtakes!! The good one turned out great!

Kileen said...

these are such funny pictures and it looks like you guys have so much fun together! happy new year, linley!


Jenni King said...

hahahaha... those outtakes are HILARIOUS!

and yes please, three cakes?!