The Birthday Girl

Our little girl is all grown up. On Friday she had her 3rd/21st birthday and we had a little celebration. 

The birthday girl wore her birthday hat. Then tore it to shreds. 

We all drove for a late-night Krispy Kreme treat to celebrate. While we love the "hot now" doughnuts, sprinkles, cream-filled, and sour cream doughnuts are a must. 

Maeby got to enjoy her own little doughnut as well. After all, she is the birthday girl.

And because she was 3 and 21, we gave her a little taste of beer (seriously, only a little). She is a German dog. And then she showed her drunk face and we had to cut her off. 

To celebrate her birth, I thought I would share some random facts about our sweet meat:

Maeby was named after Maeby Funke from Arrested Development.
Some of her favorite human-foods include popcorn, cheese, and Nilla Wafers.
Her favorite toys are balls, ropes, and sticks.
She loves tearing up cardboard boxes. 
She's the fastest do I've ever seen run about.
She hates the Tarheels.
She will lick you until you tell her to stop.
She is called lots of different names including: Maeby Shea, Meat, Sweet Meat, Meatball, Meaty, Mabes, Momma, Pooter, and all other ridiculous names that come out of our mouths. 
She's the best snuggler in the world. 

Do any of you go all out for your dog's birthday? No? Just us? Ok...


Tyra said...

happy birthday sweet meat! i miss that pretty girl! i also like the bit of meat hiney i see in number 25!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

How cute, Linley! She is one loved little dog.

Brooke T said...

Happy Birthday!! This is so cute :) I love the drunk face and doughnuts! Birthdays for dogs are amazing!

kimmie said...

Happy birthday, Maeby! That's so funny, I totally think of Maeby from Arrested Development everytime you mention her name.

Her "drunk face" is totally awesome. Made me laugh! :)

Anonymous said...

So cute that you guys went out for the pup's birthday :) She is one seriously pretty dog!

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Jenni King said...

cutest dog ever. I am in love with her! I don't think we've ever had a doggy birthday party, but we do buy christmas presents for our dogs and them ripe the paper open.

Fran said...

Happy Birthday Maeby! I am glad your momma and daddy did a good job of celebrating!

Linley, please send me the picture of her with her birthday hat on and her "over-served" picture.

Love ya!

Jan said...

These pics made me laugh and smile. What fun! Happy birthday Maeby!!!

Anne said...

Aw, this is the cutest! Love the party hat and following photo.

I'm kind of tempted to throw a little 1st birthday party for our puppy... but she was a stray that we got from the Humane Society, so we don't know her exact birthday. The vet estimated her birthday to be around Christmas though - so maybe I'll combine them since I already bought her Christmas presents :)

thedemuremuse.com said...

happy birthday to Maeby! I think it's great you named her after Maeby Funke. hahaha Arrested Development is the best!!

Taylor Sterling said...

Wow what a darling birthday present!! My bf and I have been looking into getting a puppy!

Kileen said...

awww, you guys are so sweet to your little doggy! maeby is absolutely adorable and happy birthday to her!!


Taylor Renee said...

This is so sweet! Maeby is ridiculously cute. My bf and I are getting a dog in June when we move out of our non-pet friendly apt ... and I'm sure over the top bdays will ensue.


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CoffeeBlooms said...

so cute!!! Happy birthday !! and doughnuts look so tasty!! :)

Lisa D. said...

She is so freakin' cute! I love boxers. My friend Tara has a boxer named Madison, and it sounds like they have similar interests -- cuddling, sleeping, eating, licking. =) I would totally go all out for my cats' birthdays, but they were both adopted, so I have no idea when their birthdays are! I don't even know how exactly how old one of my cats is. But, I do give them fun feathery toys every year for Christmas. =)

s said...

As if I didn't already think you were adorable, now I find out you like Arrested Development!? That's best friend material there :)


Looks and Books said...

I have a soft spot for boxers, but boxers named Maeby who enjoy good beer?? All kinds of adorable.

Looks & Books

Heather - Inner cupcake said...

Ahhh, what a cute dog! The fact that the name comes from Arrested Development just makes everything even better too. Looks like an excellent celebration.