October Favorites

I apologize in advanced that half of these favorites are lip products. 

I found this lip stick on clearance a while back for $9. It's a beautiful color. A burnt orange almost - which sounds weird for putting on your lips, but it works. It's really a great color for Fall. This lipstick lasts as well. Which is always a plus. 

I've spoken on this line of lip stick before, but I've only recently purchased this color - and I love it! It's a shade of red, but definitely has the undertones of peach and even pink. It's bright and gorgeous without being overly red - which I love a bright red just as much as the next person, but sometimes a subtle red is more appropriate. 

I'd been eyeballin' this lipgloss for a while and mom bought it for me on my birthday last month. There are several great features to this gloss. It's long lasting and the color pay off is great - definitely better than most glosses. It also contains Maxi-Lip which is a plumper, but it's non-irritant, which means it doesn't sting like other lip plumpers. Which is awesome. Naked is a pinky neutral. It taste good (vanilla mint!) and lasts forever. 

Now, I haven't technically purchased this, but I have been using a couple samples that I was given through Sephora purchases and it's one of my most favorite scents. (Maybe I'll share my very favorite scent this Friday!) This is a very feminine, soft, and fresh scent. The description says it's a combination of roses and amber. I'm sure it's a little more than that, but whatever the combination is, it works! I love this stuff! 

5. Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss ($7 or 2/$12 or 5/$20)
I like this gloss mostly for it's flavor, although, it does do a great job at glossifying. I have two flavors, Passion Fruit Pop and Juiced Berry - both delicious. There are 21 flavors to choose from, and I'm sure they are equally delicious. 

Another birthday gift from mom. I'd been wanting this blush for a while. It's considered a "cult" favorite and loved by all. It's a peachy pink with golden shimmer. It's almost exactly like the Lorac Blush I mentioned in September Favorites, but the shimmer in Lorac is cooler, with silver highlights instead, but the peachy pink color is the same. I love them both, though. This color is universally flattering. It highlights and warms up the face. It's perfect. 

7. Lush Sexy Peel Soap ($5.95 for 3.5 oz)
I love Lush. I want everything in the store, but that's not possible. This particular soap is what I am digging right now. It's citrus scent is so delicious and takes over your entire shower. All of the products at Lush are handmade and natural. Sexy Peel is made of organic lemon, lime, and orange peels which help to exfoliate while washing and also made up of orange juice. It's especially nice to use in the morning, but I love it any time of day. Another soap I really like is the Bohemian Soap - it's made with lemon oils and smells oh, so fresh. 

I've been using this concealer almost every day since I purchased it over a month ago and haven't even made a dent in it. A tiny bit goes a long way and offers full coverage. This stuff works miracles and I can't really see myself buying any other concealer any time soon. I love it. A tiny bit fully covers under my eyes, discolorations on my cheeks, and any redness around the bottom of my nose. It you are interested in trying or purchasing this stuff, definitely go by a counter and have someone help find your correct color - that's what makes the difference. 

Hope you all enjoyed these favorites!

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