happy thanksgiving!

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hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving day. enjoy your family, friends, and a big fat turkey (i prefer mine fried). some things i love on this special day: the obnoxious amount of food that is placed in front of me, the best parade of the year, the iron bowl - especially this year since i am living in abalama (it's more fun to say it that way), the shopping that will soon take place, the leftovers, the memories, and the official "ok" to blast christmas jingles as loud and as often as I choose.

whatever it may be, enjoy all that you love about this special day. most of all, enjoy all that you are thankful for.


Brooke T said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Kileen said...

have a great thanksgiving too!!


Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

lovely. happy thanksgiving! x hivennn.

Ashley J said...

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving Linley!!! I tagged you in my blog today....I hope you do it because I would love to learn more about you!!