Friday Favorites

Today's Friday Favorite was easy. Earlier this week I tired, for the first time, using this gel eyeliner on my waterline. I usually use a smooth-gliding pencil for my waterline and they all fail. By the time I am out the door, the liner is at least half way off and looks horrible. Not this. This stuff... was on until I washed my face later that night. I was shocked and excited.

I've never been able to find a product that stays on my waterline. And, just for the record, I don't cake on the eyeliner. I use very little liner on the lash line and the waterline during the day (and sometimes a little more at night for the dramatics), but however much I use, I want it to stay put.

I also love this stuff because it's relatively easy to apply. Granted, I required a bit of practice as this was only the second liner I've used that isn't a stick or felt-tip application. Once you get the hang of it though, it's nothing. And it's worth learning, because (again) this stuff is great.

Let's talk the price. It will set you back $15 - which may seem like a lot or may not seem like a lot depending what you already use. The price is worth it. This stuff last a super-duper long time, it doesn't dry out, and it does its job. Three great reasons $15 is worth it. I will continue to buy this - perhaps even in other colors too.

You will need an angled eye-liner brush to apply this if you do not already have one.

So that is that:

1. It stays on your lash line and waterline all day long.
2. It's fairly easy to apply (just practice if you need).
3. The price is worth what you get and how long it lasts.

Any questions...


Lindsay said...

I just tried out gel eyeliner a few weeks ago and am obsessed. I got the Sonia Kashuk eyeliner from Target. It works wonders too, and is a bit cheaper. I'll have to try the Mac when I run out!

Nelah said...

Thanks for the review. I was looking at it last time I went to MAC counter but didn't purchase. The MUA rave so much about it but I don't remember whether she said it's waterproof or not. Is it hard to remove?

I am hosting a small giveaway of Dior and Urban Decay eyes products if you are interested. Have a good weekend :)

Linley said...

Lindsay, I really like Sonia Kashuk - I'm sure that liner is great! I've also heard the Maybelline gel liner is good as well! I'll have to give them a try!

Nelah, it is not hard to remove. It comes right off with the swipe of a makeup-remover pad. But, it doesn't come off UNTIL you make the effort - like I said, it really stays on all day! (and that's my number one reason for buying any product!) Great giveaway too!

Heidi said...

I love this stuff. You'll have to update us in a bit as to whether or not it dried out quickly-- something I've heard it does--. I have the Maybelline version & it is awesome. I love these posts. I have a feeling we could talk makeup for hooouuuurs!

Jo said...

This is totally my fave, too! I have been using Fluidline for forever and a day.

Also - nice 30 for 30 outfits! I'm doing the challenge as well, and so far it's been challenging and fun :)