Friday Favorites


{it's not in stock right now on Sephora or Ulta, but try actually going in the stores or other places online like Amazon}

I've written on this palette before, but it has never been featured as a favorite, and it most definitely is - especially since I have been using it almost every day since it came in the mail back in September. This palette is most definitely a bit pricey, it will put you back $44 (ask for it for Christmas!), but it is well worth the price - let me explain.

The palette is comprised of 12 full-sized eye shadow colors. Full-sized UD eye shadow pots are $17. If you buy three solo pots, you've already spent past the $44. The palette features some of UD's most coveted colors as well as some new colors that you can't buy individually. The colors in the palette range from light highlighting colors to dark smoky colors. In the palette you will see colors such as white, tan, brown, gold, rose, plum, black, and blue (check out the picture). I've swatched a few of the colors before. Something I personally love about UD eyeshadows is that not only are the colorss gorgeous, but they are highly pigmented. Which means one sweep with your brush does the trick, and the colors will last you longer when you aren't having to constantly build the color on your eye. As if getting 12 full-sized colors wasn't enough, you also receive a mini UD Eye shadow Primer Potion (which is a favorite of mine) and a double-ended 24/7 Glide-On Pencil which features Whiskey (brown) and Zero (black) - I'm not a huge fan of pencil liners, but this one is great! Very smooth and perfect for waterlines.

The versatility of the palette allows you to create a natural looking eye, a brown smokey eye, a blue smokey eye, or anything else you can think of with these colors. Since fall rolled around, I've been using Toasted (shimmery rose) on my lid and Hustle (a dark plum) on my crease - it's a great fall combination. With all the possible combinations this palette has to offer, it's perfect for traveling. If you are going on a weekend trip or somewhere for just a couple days, this palette is perfect. You only have to keep up with one piece for your eye color and you can create just about any look you would want. There's no opening and closing little pots of eye shadow or digging around your makeup bag for the color you are looking for.

I feel like I've written a ton, but it's just such a favorite of mine. (And I'm not getting paid to say any of this - I just am in love with the palette). UD eye shadows are definitely a favorite of mine since the very first time I tried them. My first color was Smog - a goldish-brown - and it's front and center in the palette.

If you are curious about the palette, just go to your local Sephora, Ulta, or UD counter and play with it. But I'm warning you, you may fall in love.


Mommy, Esq. said...

I just got mine a couple of days ago, and am so excited! I have been stalking Ulta and Sephora for 2 months and was so stoked to find the last one at my local Ulta 2 days ago. yay! Really, $44 is not bad at all for all that you are getting with this one.

Lindsay said...

I've been dying to get my hands on this forever!

Heidi said...

I, too, have this palette, & I love it as much as you. It's kind of great, isn't it? Have you seen all the YouTube tuts using this palette? So handy!

Morgan said...

Loving that palette! I'm going to look for it immediately!