I had the intention of blogging over the past few days. Several things: a DIY, a picture-proof of how well UD Eye Potion works (much like my Paint Pot post), and maybe even a recipe. That did not happen. My bad. I've been working a little in the house over the past couple of days and then I woke up this morning sick and ended up spending a combined four house finding a doctor, going to the doctor, and waiting and waiting on a prescription.

Quick story on this. When I was talking with the nurse about my medical history, I made it a point to say I was allergic to sulfa drugs. (I think) I saw her write it down. I finally get with the doctor for the verdict; I have an infection and he writes the rx. I drop off the rx, come back in an hour, and the pharmacists asks, "Are you allergic to sulfa?" Yes... "This antibiotic has sulfa, do you want us to call in for a different antibiotic?" Yes... Duh... I'd like to avoid purple whelps all over my body this weekend, thanks. So frustrating. Especially as I was starting to feel worse, and worse throughout the night. Good news is that I finally got my drugs and I am feeling better. Hopefully better enough to wake up, take care of a few errands, and then, maybe, blog!

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