I've been working on a few projects to make this house a home. Some are simple and require me asking Chris to drill a hole here or there, and some are not so simple, but are getting done. Here are things I've done and plan to do:

  • Paint accent wall in dining room
  • Paint accent/tv/entertainment wall
  • Hang curtains in living room, master, and guest bedroom
  • Hang replace rod in living room
  • Make framed chalkboard for kitchen
  • Hang hooks in both bathrooms
  • Paint dining table and chairs (chairs are getting painted today!)
  • Paint master bedroom's chest of drawers
  • Paint living room coffee table (Chris's request)
  • Plant herb garden
And this list goes on, but those are projects getting tackled now and in the next few weeks. I've been photo-documenting everything I'm doing, so once projects get finished, they are sure to make an appearance here. 

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