Homemade Pizza (and what to do for the next night's dinner)

I'm a fan of delicious food that requires little effort. As I begin to post more recipes (because I generally photograph all the meals I cook, I just forget to post) you will see a pattern: easy.

Last week I threw together a homemade pizza. And here's how it went:

Can of pizza dough
Can of garlic and basil tomato sauce 
Green bell pepper
Red bell pepper
Red onion
Crumbled garlic feta cheese
Shredded sharp cheddar cheese
Rotisserie chicken, pulled off and shredded

Roll pizza dough onto baking sheet

Spread tomato sauce evenly onto dough leaving a half an inch boarder

Add feta, diced veggies*, shredded chicken, and shredded cheddar cheese

Bake according to directions on pizza dough can


*(Obviously) You can add any combination of vegetable to your pizza - these are just the ones I chose for this particular night. I think adding banana peppers, mushrooms, yellow onion, or olives would be just as delicious. 

I hate to go all "Food Network" on y'all, but this pizza had so much flavor! I couldn't get over it - especially to be so easy to put together and cook. This is such a great recipe that could be used for dinner, lunch, adults, children, movie night, and game day. 

So after you finish putting your pizza together, you are going to realize you have a lot of diced veggies and shredded rotisserie chicken left over. What to do with that?


Leftover cheese, diced veggies, and shredded chicken 

Spread chips onto plate
Cover chips with leftovers
Heat up queso according to the directions on the container
Put nachos in microwave for one minute - until cheddar cheese has melted
Pour queso and salsa on top of nachos

(sorry, didn't snap a photo of these)

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